Tips on How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

Okay, Speed Racer, you got a speeding ticket. Now what? You have decided to fight it? Well, the law is the law. But, you can help limit the damage.

Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket

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Fighting a speeding ticket may result in a reduced fine or traffic school. What your options are depends on your state. Most states have options for handling your tickets. Read more details on how to handle a speeding ticket: Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket

Never admit guilt

How to fight a speeding ticket begins when you get pulled over. If you get pulled over for speeding, do not admit guilt to the officer. Be courteous and polite. Remain calm. You want to be able to fight the speeding ticket. Putting on the record that you were consciously breaking the law is ill-advised. If you say you did not know how fast you were going, that makes you look negligent.

The police will have you sign the ticket. This is not an admission of guilt. Your signature bonds you to appear in court, pay the fine, or otherwise comply with court appointed consequences

Traffic school as an alternative

Go to traffic school (if possible) or take a defensive driver course. Save yourself the points on your record. Between insurance and (potential) future tickets. You can save money by opting for an online driving school, as opposed to an in-person course. 

Go to your state DMV website to find out more. 

Does traffic school erase a violation?

Traffic school does not erase the violation. Law enforcement and courts can still see the violation. However, your insurance company will not see the violation. That saves you money and points.    

What if I don’t qualify speeding ticket - how to respondfor traffic school? 

Take an easy online class anyway. You cannot always get a violation dismissed or the courts will not assign traffic school. You can still save money with your insurance. Talk to your insurance provider. Many offer discounts for defensive driving courses. 

In many states, the law requires insurance companies to give discounts to drivers who take an online driving course. This could save you up to 15% annually

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