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Minnesota Defensive Driving

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  • 100% online – study how you want
  • Available 24/7 – work when you want
  • Take it practically anywhere you need
  • Multimedia features make learning fun
  • Fully narrated so you won’t spend hours reading
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Online Defensive Driving Course in Minnesota 

At I Drive Safely, we believe that traffic school doesn’t have to be a wrench in your finely tuned busy schedule. We believe that with access to convenient, easy-to-use tools, you can deal with any traffic-related issues and clear your driving record without any headaches or hassles required. Take I Drive Safely’s Minnesota defensive driving course online, and keep your driving record clean and your knowledge up-to-date.

Online Defensive Driving is Convenient Defensive Driving

I Drive Safely’s Minnesota defensive driving course is 100% online and created for drivers with a busy schedule. Instead of wasting an entire afternoon sitting through a long and tedious classroom course, our course offers a multitude of benefits, all from the comfort of your home.

  • Work in your pajamas in your bedroom – or wherever else you want, as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection
  • Study whenever you want – our course is available 24/7
  • Work around your schedule – we have no deadlines
  • Pick a comfortable working speed – finish the course in one sitting, or break it up into more manageable, smaller chunks

There’s no pressure at all, and you can work without any of the normal hassles of a traffic school. With your court’s permission, we’ll help you alleviate any stress from a traffic ticket, and help you become a safer and more responsible driver in the process.

Quality, Multimedia-Based Defensive Driving

Instead of poring over a driver’s handbook for hours, why not take advantage of the technology that the Internet provides? Our defensive driving courses are expertly designed by professional driving instructors using the latest advancement in multimedia learning tools. You’ll learn through video and audio clips, animations, 3D graphics, interactive elements, and much more. Some of the topics you’ll go over include:

  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Safe driving tips in less-than-ideal conditions
  • Minnesota traffic law
  • The dangers of driving while intoxicated

Each chapter is focused on one subject and designed for optimal knowledge retention. Additionally, your end-of-chapter quizzes and final exam are all multiple-choice and allow unlimited retakes for guaranteed success and absorption of the material.

A Way to Lower Your Insurance Bills

If you’re looking to save money on auto insurance, our Minnesota defensive driving course may be the answer. Many insurance companies offer discounted rates to drivers who take a defensive driving course. Call your insurance agent today and ask if they offer these discounts; if so, simply complete our course and send your insurance provider your certificate of completion to lower your premiums.

Customer Support Whenever, Wherever You Need it

Whether you’re taking the course in the wee hours of dawn or burning the midnight oil, our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any and all of your questions. Our team of certified driving instructors can answer all of your questions, from our Minnesota defensive driving course to Minnesota traffic law in general. Give us a call or e-mail, and we’ll give you your answer right away.

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Minnesota Defensive Driving


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