Choose I Drive Safely for Your Traffic School Solution

Traffic school is pretty great. Seriously! An approved traffic school course can solve all kinds of problems and improve your life. If you've got a ticket, traffic school may let you dismiss it. Traffic school can get you an insurance discount. Heck, If you go to traffic school, you might even learn something!

So why do people think traffic school is a hassle? Because they haven't tried traffic school with I Drive Safely. We pioneered online traffic school more than 15 years ago, and we've been innovating and improving our approach ever since. Our fast, fun, fully approved courses give you all the benefits of traditional traffic school - fixing your ticket problems, saving you money on insurance, etc. - but without any of the hassles you may remember: classrooms, boring lectures, giving up your time according to somebody else's schedule. And nobody beats our prices.

Traffic School on Your Terms

Traffic school has finally joined the 21st Century! With I Drive Safely, you can log in and log out whenever you want, from any computer. We'll save your place for you, so you can always pick up just where you left off. You can also review what you've already covered. The freedom is yours, and the control is in your hands. Want to do 15 minutes before work and a half-hour at lunch? Great! You'll be done with your course in a couple days, and you'll barely notice the time you put in. Would you prefer to sit down and power through the whole thing in a sitting? Terrific, that's totally up to you. At I Drive Safely, we're all about putting you in charge of your traffic school experience, so whether you work better at home, at the library, or even at the coffee shop, as long as you've got the internet, you've got traffic school.

A Better Way to Take Traffic School

The online approach to traffic school isn't just more convenient for you: it's also better for you. Online education offers advantages classrooms just can't much. We use 3D graphics, razor-sharp audio, and streaming video to keep your mind engaged and your attention focused on the material. You'll be informed, you'll be ready to ace the exam, and you'll be ready to get back on the road with your ticket problems solved and the latest tips about safe, smart driving fresh in your mind.

The Best Traffic School Provider You Can Find

At I Drive Safely, we want to empower you to fix your tickets, save money on insurance, and become a better driver. We've got a huge team dedicated to this, dedicated to you. From professional instructional designers to industry experts in driving safety to graphic artists and videographers, all of us work every day to make traffic school courses that fit your needs and allow you to live, and to drive, just that little bit better.