Driver Improvement Online Class

Our online driver improvement courses offer drivers of all ages an easy, effortless, convenient way to dismiss your traffic ticket, reduce points from your driving record, or even earn hefty discounts on your monthly insurance rates. We offer courses for drivers from all over the United States, including those in Michigan, Missouri, and Virginia.

Get More Out of Your Driver Improvement Course

It’s undeniable that getting a traffic ticket is a stressful experience, and finding solutions to deal with that traffic violation can be equally difficult. Taking a driver improvement course is usually a huge hassle, as you’ll be forced to drive to a stodgy classroom and spend an entire afternoon (or even weekend) listening to a boring, uninspired lecture about driver improvement. The hassle can almost invalidate the value of getting your ticket dismissed or points removed from your driving record.

Fortunately, I Drive Safely is here with the superior alternative to an in-class driver improvement course. Our online driver improvement courses offer the maximum drivers education with minimal hassle, so you get your ticket dismissed as soon as possible and get back on the road again.

  • Fully online for an unrivaled driver improvement program
  • Set your own schedule and pace to maximize learning
  • Simple, easy, and effortless to pass

Ultimately, we put your driver education solely in your hands.

A Full Driver Improvement Online Experience

I Drive Safely’s driver improvement courses are 100% online. No more wasting time in a classroom, and spending even more time on lectures that you may not necessarily be interested in. Our courses give you the freedom to determine your own study schedule, and let you take the course when you feel like it.

  • Study at your own pace – power through the entire course in one long sitting, or break it up into smaller chunks to study through a few days.
  • Study whenever you want – be it midnight or sunrise, our course is available to you 24/7.
  • Study wherever you want – all you need is a working computer and an active Internet connection to take our driver improvement course.

You’re an adult – you deserve to be treated like one when it comes to education.

A State-Approved Driver Improvement Course Just for You

I Drive Safely’s driver improvement online courses are state-approved and meet all requirements to satisfy a court order, dismiss traffic violations, or reduce points from a driving record. Our courses set a high standard for quality, convenience, and ease of use. We’ve collaborated with numerous drivers education professionals and experts in learning theory to craft a course that’s comprehensive, educational, and entertaining, without being complicated or difficult to understand. Each chapter in the course focuses on a single subject so you absorb that information more easily. Topics include:

  • State traffic laws and rules of the road
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Highway and city driving etiquette
  • How to drive in inclement weather conditions

Our driver improvement online courses are packed to the brim with interactive graphics, engaging multimedia, and captivating animations to keep things lighthearted, fun, and easy to understand. And with a simple interface, it’s nearly impossible to get lost while taking the course.

Each chapter should be a breeze to finish, but if life gets in the way and you have to cut your study session short, don’t worry about having to start the course all over again. Our convenient autosave feature automatically saves your progress as you go through the course. You can log in and out as many times as you want, and still continue your course right where you left off.

I Drive Safely gives you all the tools you need to deal with your traffic-related issues – in the end, it’s all up to you.