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New York Defensive Driving

The Fastest, Easiest Online Driving Course!

  • 10% NY insurance reduction
  • Remove up to 4 points
  • Approved by the New York DMV
  • No final exam
  • Save even more with a Course+ Driving Record combo
  • Fully narrated so you won’t spend hours reading
  • Watch and listen to fun and interactive content
Course Details

New York Defensive Driving / PIRP Course

Take the guesswork and hassle out of your New York State Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) with I Drive Safely’s Online New York Defensive Driving course. Forget the classroom - study for our course from the comfort of your own home! All you need is a computer with Internet access, and you’re ready to get points reduced from your driving record and receive a mandatory 10% discount on your auto insurance. Pick the fast, easy, and guaranteed solution to your point and insurance reduction - take your NYS defensive driving course online!

Benefits of Our Defensive Driving Course

With our NYS PIRP course, you can:

  • Reduce your insurance rates by 10% for up to 3 years
  • Reduce up to 4 points from your driving record

The process is quick and painless. We even report your completion to the DMV for you - all you need to worry about is submitting your completion certificate to your insurance provider. For a detailed look at all of the steps involved for your point and/or insurance reduction, take a look at our How It Works guide.

Advanced Online Education in Two Options

Our online NY defensive driving course makes it simple to learn the rules of the road. Our course not only provides the best, most up-to-date information on safe, responsible driving, it does so in an engaging and effective way. And now, I Drive Safely offers two courses to choose from:

Text-Based Course

Our easy, affordable text-based course presents all of the state-mandated coursework in brief, easy-to-understand chapters. This is a convenient way to fulfill New York defensive driving requirements, and it comes with the option of upgrading to an audio track that reads the entire course out loud through your computer’s speakers.

Video Course

This is the easiest way to complete a NY defensive driving course! Simply watch a streaming 3D animated movie on your computer that teaches you the fundamentals of safe driving. With engaging graphics and entertaining scenarios, this is the most hassle-free way to save money on insurance and reduce points on your driving record.

100% Online and 100% State-Approved

A classroom course can be inconvenient, as you’re forced to travel to a specific location and study on their schedule. Why rearrange your life to take defensive driving when you can complete everything at home?

Our NYS defensive driving course is fully approved by the New York State DMV and 100% online, which means you set the schedule. You decide when it’s time to study and when it’s time to take a break. Study from the convenience of your home, or if you’d like a change of pace, take your work to the library or coffee shop - we allow you to log back in and pick up right where you left off. This is New York State defensive driving in the most convenient way.

Your New York PIRP Course Made Simple

I Drive Safely’s NYS Point & Insurance Reduction Program meets the DMV-required 6 hours to reduce your points and insurance rates. You have complete freedom to work through those hours at whatever pace your schedule allows. Each of the 8 chapters deals with traffic-related topics such as:

  • New York traffic signs
  • Responsible driving practices
  • Defensive driving strategies and techniques
  • New York driving laws

At the conclusion of each chapter, you’ll take a 10-question review quiz which pulls its questions right from the material you just went over. Once you finish all the quizzes, you’ve completed the course - there’s no final exam to worry about.

Fast, Free Certificate Delivery for Everyone

When you complete our NY defensive driving course, you won’t have to worry about waiting for long periods of time to receive your credit. Finish the course by 3:00 p.m. Central time, and we’ll send your completion information directly to the New York DMV immediately so you can take advantage of your point reduction as soon as possible. You never need to deal with paperwork or red tape or take an unnecessary trip to the DMV to turn in your certificate. We’ll also send you a copy of your completion certificate for FREE so you can obtain your insurance discount. If you want that discount sooner rather than later, we also offer expedited delivery options at a reasonable price.

Help Whenever You Need It

No matter when or where you’re studying, help is always a phone call away. Whether you need help with our online defensive driving course, the point reduction process, or even just New York traffic law in general, we’re here for you. Our U.S.-based customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make every step of the process easy and hassle-free.

New York Defensive Driving

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