Police officer issuing a ticket to a woman in Indiana
Indiana Defensive Driving

Comprehensive Driver Training in a Convenient Online Package

  • Take care of a traffic ticket
  • Get an insurance discount
  • Online courses make it easy
  • A great refresher for your driving knowledge
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Online Defensive Driving Course in Indiana

So you’ve received a traffic ticket in Indiana – now what? Unfortunately, the cost of a traffic ticket in Indiana doesn’t just end with paying the hefty fee. Not only are you given points against your driving record, those points can also lead to an increase in your monthly auto insurance rates. Thankfully, there’s a way to prevent these points from appearing on your driving record – complete a state-approved defensive driving course.

Visit in.gov to find a state-approved Indiana Defensive Driving course.

Indiana Defensive Driving Course – The Basics

Any licensed Indiana driver may take a defensive driving course for one of the following reasons:

  • To satisfy a court or BMV order to attend traffic school
  • To prevent violation points from appearing on your driving record
  • To earn a 4-point safe driver credit on your driving record

You may also be able to take an Indiana defensive driving course voluntarily and earn a possible reduction on your insurance rates.

 Online Indiana Defensive Driving School Makes it Easy

The best, most convenient way to complete an Indiana defensive driving course is to take a state-approved online course. An online defensive driving course is just as good as a classroom course, minus all the inconveniences that come with in-person classes.

  • No more stuffy classrooms – study wherever you want
  • No set schedules to get in the way – 24/7 access for round-the-clock studies
  • No boring course material – short, easy-to-understand chapters
  • No need to drive anywhere – less risk of getting yet another traffic ticket

Plus, with a variety of different courses online across a large number of formats, including streaming video and mobile courses, there’s an online course out there that’s custom-catered to everyone’s personal needs and preferences.

Lower Your Car Insurance

Even if you haven’t received a traffic ticket, you can benefit from taking an Indiana defensive driving Course. Many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who voluntarily take the course – this can save you a considerable amount of money! Check with your insurance provider today to see if you qualify for a discount.