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Frequently Asked Questions – 4 Hour Traffic School in Florida

Course Information

Course Information

  1. Why should I take a traffic school course?

Depending on your situation, a Florida traffic school course can help you:

  • Dismiss a traffic ticket
  • Earn a point reduction
  • Meet a court requirement
  • Work toward license reinstatement after suspension
  • Earn an insurance discount
  1. Is this course approved?

Yes! Our Florida online traffic school courses are state-approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) to meet all requirements for ticket dismissal, court-ordered traffic school, and license reinstatement.

  1. Which traffic school courses do you offer in Florida?

We offer 3 courses to meet the needs of every driver:

The Florida 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course – For drivers who have received a non-criminal minor traffic ticket, or have been ordered by the court to complete a Basic Driver Improvement course (also called a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course [TCAC]). You may also take this course voluntarily to receive an insurance discount (check with your insurance provider for eligibility and details).

The Florida 8-Hour Traffic School course – For drivers who have received two or more traffic tickets in a period of 12 months, and the court has referred you to complete a driver improvement course. Some counties may also allow you to take this course if you have already completed the 4-hour BDI course.

The Florida 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course – For drivers who have:

  • Received 12 points in 12 months
  • Had their license suspended or revoked for non-DUI-related habitual violations
  • Had their license suspended or revoked due to accumulated points
  • Received a court order to attend an ADI course
  1. I'm not sure if I'm eligible to take Florida traffic school. How do I find out?

We have all of the eligibility requirements and steps to take for the Florida traffic school courses listed on our How it Works page. Generally, you are eligible in the state of Florida if you:

  • Hold a valid non-commercial driver’s license
  • Have been cited for a minor moving violation
  • Have NOT completed traffic school in the last 12 months
  • Have contacted your court within 30 days of your citation

If you still are unclear as to whether you qualify for traffic school, contact your court and request more information concerning your particular circumstances.

  1. I live in another state and got a traffic ticket in Florida. Can I still take this course?

Yes, you may still take a Florida traffic school course. Make sure to contact the court cited on your traffic ticket prior to enrollment. Once you have completed the course, you will need to submit your certificate of completion to the Florida court.

  1. How long will this course take?

The Florida 4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course should take the state-mandated 4 hours to complete.

  1. What types of things will I study?

Each of your 8 course chapters focuses on a single topic that pertains to Florida driving and traffic laws. These topics include:

  • Highway safety
  • Alcohol- and drug-impaired driving
  • State traffic laws
  • Driving emergencies
  • Vehicle maintenance
  1. Do I have to take a final exam?

Yes, you do. The 4-hour course features a 40-question multiple-choice final exam. You must score an 80% or higher to pass.

  1. What is the testing and grading policy?

Each chapter contains a quiz that reviews important content from that chapter. There are 10 questions per quiz, and you must score an 80% or higher to move onto the next chapter. You will be provided with feedback on any incorrect answers, and you may retake your quizzes an unlimited amount of times.

You will then take your final exam at the end of your course, as referenced in the previous question.

  1. What will happen if I fail the final exam?

You may retake your quizzes and final exam if you do not obtain a passing score of 80% or higher on your first try.

  1. Why does this course have timers?

This course is required by Florida law to span 4 hours in length. To comply with this law, we (and all other online defensive driving schools) are required to place timers on each page of the course. We realize that some students may read faster than the timer will permit you to advance, but state regulations prohibit us from changing this function. The timers cannot be disabled for any reason.

  1. Is there a time limit to complete this course?

Deadlines are typically determined by the Florida courts. While we allow you 180 days to complete your course before your account is suspended, the court may require you to finish your course much sooner than that. Make sure to determine your court’s deadline before beginning the course.

Regardless of court deadlines, you must complete the course within 180 days of registration. Any student who has not successfully completed the course within 180 days will be terminated without notice and will not be eligible for a refund.

  1. How do I earn an insurance discount with traffic school?

Contact your insurance provider to determine whether they offer discount for successful completion of a traffic school course. If they do, simply enroll in the 4-hour BDI course, work through it at your own pace, and turn in your certificate of completion to your insurance provider when you’re finished!

Florida 4-Hour (BDI) Traffic School


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