What is Reckless Driving?

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Reckless driving means your driving showed irreverence or indifference to the safety or property of others. In some states, mental state is a determining factor. For other states, certain violations are considered inherently reckless. This can include: racing; passing on blind curves; swerving; passing school buses with their stop signs down; and going around railroad barriers. In many states, reckless driving includes high-mph speeding. 

Reckless driving is often labelled a misdemeanor crime, not a traffic violation. It will go down on your permanent record. 

Reckless driving facts 

Fleeing from the police qualifies as reckless driving in Florida (and several other states)

what is reckless drivingIn Hawaii, the reckless driving laws include “reckless riding” of an animal

In Illinois, reckless driving includes intentionally making a vehicle airborne.

In Louisiana, if you fall asleep at the wheel and someone dies, that qualifies as reckless driving 

In Minnesota, racing is reckless driving even if you are racing below the speed limit

In Nevada and New Hampshire, you don’t have to be driving at all to be guilty of reckless driving. Organizing an unauthorized race on a public highway merits fines and/or jail time in Nevada. In New Hampshire, don’t even think about betting on who has the faster car between two friends. Betting on unauthorized races is illegal, too.

In Tennessee, best not pop a wheelie on your motorcycle unless you don’t mind getting popped for reckless driving. Exception granted to people in parades driving less than 30 mph.

In Virginia, driving more than 80 mph is considered reckless. (And that’s six points to your DMV record!)