Parent giving teen behind the wheel lesson in Texas
Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed

Convenience, Peace of Mind, Control, and Student Safety

  • Approved by the Texas DPS
  • One-on-one parent-teen guidance
  • 100% online for convenience and full course transparency
  • All behind-the-wheel lessons provided by parents
  • All-in-one package: everything needed to get a license in Texas

For teens, learning to drive can be an exhilarating first step toward freedom – but it can be a scary process for them, and for parents! This course combines I Drive Safely’s tested, effective online drivers ed program with parental supervision and instruction: this puts the parent in charge of the process and gives entire families peace of mind. In 2014, I Drive Safely helped more than 19,000 Texas families with this parent-taught drivers ed course, and we're ready to help you, too.

Texas DPS Approved for a Quality Course

Drivers ed is too important to cut corners. After all, you only have one chance to start off right, building a solid skill set and good habits. Your teen will be driving for a long time, and that's exactly why our Parent-Taught Drivers Ed course is fully approved by the Texas DPS: it fulfills, and exceeds, all requirements.

In other words, we give teens everything they need to know before they get behind the wheel for the first time. This keeps them safe and provides you the peace of mind you need.

Online Makes It Easy

Gone are the days of stuffy classrooms, set schedules, and boring textbooks – our Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed is 100% online for your ultimate convenience. With 24/7 access to the course from anywhere and at any time, parents have complete control over the process throughout.

Teens can study wherever they want, whenever they want, at a pace that’s comfortable for both you and your child – it’s the best of a classroom drivers ed course, minus the classroom. That’s the I Drive Safely advantage!

Get Behind the Wheel with Someone You Trust

But wait – there’s more! With I Drive Safely’s Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed, no behind-the-wheel driving school is necessary. You provide the driving lessons to your teenage child – after all, who better than someone they already trust, in a vehicle they’re already used to?

It definitely beats the worries of drivers ed from a complete stranger in a run-down jalopy that’s older than your child.

You've been teaching your child to drive since the first ride they took with you: now it's time to make the process official. Best of all, I Drive Safely's Parent-Taught Drivers Ed course will support you every step of the way, and guide you through, lesson by lesson. With our DPS-approved course and up-to-date custom curriculum, you'll have all the tools you need to teach your child the skills they need.

We’ll Help You Along the Way

If you’re not confident in your abilities or years of driving experience, don’t sweat it - I Drive Safely is by your side. From live customer support to a database full of instructional resources for parents and teens alike, I Drive Safely is your one-stop shop for safe, responsible driving.

Don’t delay – the road to freedom is a few short clicks away!

Texas Parent-Taught Drivers Ed



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