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How to Get Your Texas Drivers License with a Parent-Taught Course

Getting your Texas learner license and first-time drivers license is incredibly exciting…but it can be a bit overwhelming, too! I Drive Safely has you covered with an easy how-to guide outlining all of the steps you’ll need to take—from signing up for your Texas parent-taught drivers ed course to finally holding that new Texas drivers license in your hand.

STEP 1: Register your parent/guardian to become your instructor for the parent-taught driver education program.

  • Download the DL-92 request form.
  • Complete the form and mail it, along with a $20 check or money order, to the Texas Department of Public Safety at this address:
    • Texas DPS 
      P.O. Box 149008
      Austin, TX 78714-9008
  • Wait for your parent-taught driver education packet to arrive (within 2-3 weeks). It will notify you that your parent/guardian has been approved as an instructor.

STEP 2: Begin your I Drive Safely Texas parent-taught drivers ed course.

Once you complete the first 6 hours of your course, you will receive a 6-hour permit qualification certificate (DE-946E) via email. Wait to continue your course until you complete Step 3!

STEP 3: Go to your local DPS office to take your permit exam and vision test, and receive your Texas learner license!

You will need to bring the following documents with you when applying for your drivers permit:

  • Your 6-hour permit qualification certificate (DE-964E)
  • Proof of identity (such as a birth certificate)
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of Texas residency/domicile
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance
  • Completed forms from your parent-taught driver education packet:
    • Application for Texas driver license (DL-14A)
    • Parental driver education affidavit (DL-90A)
    • Verification of enrollment and attendance (VOE) form
    • PTDE classroom instruction record (DL-91A)
  • $16 permit fee

You will have 3 opportunities within 90 days to successfully pass your written exam and vision test.

STEP 4: Continue your parent-taught drivers ed course, and begin your behind-the-wheel instruction.

In order for your Texas learner license to remain valid, you must continue with your Texas drivers ed course. Make sure to fill out the driver training logs provided in the DPS parent-taught driver education packet as you complete your behind-the-wheel instruction. These logs document the amount of time you spend training.

NOTE: You must complete 34 hours of documented behind-the-wheel training, 10 of which must be at night.

STEP 5: Complete your I Drive Safely Drivers Ed course.

After you’ve passed your final exam, we’ll send you a certificate of completion via your chosen delivery method so you can finally earn your Texas drivers license.

Step 6: Complete your Impact Texas Teen Driving (ITTD) Course

As of September 1, 2015, Texans age 16-24 looking to earn their Texas drivers license must also complete a new course from the Texas DPS before taking their road test. Called the Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) Program, this free online streaming video course spans 2 hours and is broken into 8 modules that you can view on your own time. Take your time and watch it at your leisure, or power through it and complete the course in one short spurt.

STEP 7: Take your driving exam at the DPS!

You must hold your learner license for a minimum of 6 months and be at least 16 years old before you can get your first-time Texas drivers license. When you’re ready, make sure to bring the following documents to the DPS:

  • Your learner license
  • Your I Drive Safely certificate of completion
  • Classroom and behind-the-wheel training logs (DL-91A and DL-91B)
  • Parental driver education affidavit (DL-90A)
  • Verification of enrollment and attendance (VOE) form
  • Proof of Texas residency/domicile
  • Your vehicle’s proof of registration and insurance
  • $16 provisional license fee

After you have passed your driving skills exam, you will be issued your provisional Texas drivers license! Congratulations!

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