Online Driver Improvement Course in Florida

You can avoid all of the hassle that usually comes along with a driver improvement course in Florida by taking your course online, right from home! Whether you’ve received a traffic ticket, been involved in an accident, or are simply looking to lower your insurance rate, I Drive Safely’s self-paced course is the easiest way to reduce those points and retain your drivers license.

The 4-hour course is designed for those drivers who have:

  • Received a non-criminal minor traffic ticket.
  • Been ordered by the court to take the course.
  • Been involved in a traffic accident which was your fault and someone was injured.
  • Been involved in 2 or more collisions within a year.
  • Decided to take a course voluntarily in order to receive an insurance discount.

100% Online Course– and That Means Convenience

By taking your Florida driver improvement course online, you get the freedom to study at times – and places – that work best for you. The I Drive Safely Basic Driver Improvement course for Florida is entirely self-paced, meaning you can work around your schedule without any interference. And since it’s accessible 24/7, you can simply log in to your course from any computer and study whenever you wish.

Florida State-Approved, Quality Online Traffic School

Whether you live in the county of Palm Springs or Hillsborough, Dade or Broward, you’ll meet every state requirement with this simple online course. Our driver improvement course has been approved by the Florida DHSMV, so you’ll never need to consider a classroom traffic school again! Learn the same material and meet the same requirements, all from the comfort of home.

Fast, Free Certificate Delivery

Once you finish your Florida driver improvement course online, we process your certificate immediately. Plus, with our low-priced delivery options, you can have your certificate of completion as quickly as the very same day you pass the traffic school online course! Register today, and get back out on the roads!

24/7 Customer Support Whenever You Need It

I Drive Safely’s 4-hour traffic school is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here to help you with all of your questions, whether they’re about our course or Florida traffic laws. Give us a call!

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