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4-Hour BDI
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Florida 8-Hour Traffic School

The perfect course to meet a court-ordered driver improvement requirement.

Florida 12-Hour ADI

Complete this course to have your license reinstated.

Florida Online Traffic School Details

Florida drivers—ready for the opportunity to have your driving mistakes forgiven and get your driving record back on track? It's easy—just take a traffic school course! There are 3 types of driver improvement courses in Florida and each has specific eligibility requirements.

4-Hour Traffic School: This type of course is ideal for dismissing a ticket, obtaining an insurance discount, and keeping points off your driving record. Called a basic driver improvement course (BDI), it can be taken voluntarily or by court order. In addition, if you're found "at fault" for a traffic accident or you've been in 2 or more collisions in the same year, the court will require you to take this 4-hour driver improvement course. What's more, good drivers also benefit from a 4-hour traffic school class, getting the green light to earn an auto insurance rate reduction. So, contact your carrier before you start a course to ensure you are eligible.

8-Hour Traffic School: If you're convicted of 2 or more citations in a 12-month period, the court will assign you to take an 8-hour version of the basic driver improvement course. In some counties, you may be allowed to take this course if you've already taken a 4-hour course within the past year. This course is designed to improve your driving safety knowledge and help you enhance your skills and habits every time you get behind the wheel.

12-Hour Traffic School: This is a court-ordered advanced driver improvement (ADI) course. Drivers will be required to complete a 12-hour ADI course if they have:

  • Accumulated 12 points in a 12-month period
  • A suspended or revoked license for a non-DUI related offense or offenses
  • A suspended license from an accumulation of points on their driving record
  • Received a court-order to complete an Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI ) course

Fun Driving Facts:

If you noticed an elephant standing idly by in the parking space next to you, hopefully its owner remembered to feed the meter —in the Sunshine State, it costs the same to park a pachyderm as it does to park your car.

In addition, if, on your afternoon drive in Pensacola, Florida, you passed a barrel rolling by, hopefully the roller knows they could be fined — and the fees go up according to the contents of the barrel.

Testimonials *:

The drunk driver video was very impressive. I hope others take the danger very seriously and don't drink and drive. I know I will!

D. Andrez

Great course! Not boring, and even though it was long, it was interesting. Besides, I could stop and save for later. I did 1 hour each day or more if I was not tired. Thanks.

I. Ruiz

I really learned a lot by taking this class online. If I have to do it again I will definitely choose I Drive Safely, it was an excellent experience for me.

C. Dane

I really gained experience on how to control my driving habits and stay much safer when I'm behind the wheel. Thank you!

K. Reed

My overall experience has been great. I learned quite a bit of valuable information that I know I will apply every time I get on the road.

D. Hurtz

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