Personalized License Plates and Placards in Arizona State

Everyone likes to be an individual and personalize their vehicle. Whether it’s a certain air freshener, or colored floor mats, or something hanging from your rear-view mirror, each person’s car has their own touch that makes it exclusively theirs. Arizona also offers an additional way to personalize your car, one that’s also evident to all other drivers out on the roads: specialized license plates.

This guide will tell you how to obtain personalized or special license plates in Arizona, and give you some ideas on what types of special plates are available in The Grand Canyon state.

Getting a Special or Personalized Plate

While some plates require that you submit an application through the mail, many special plates are available to apply for online. You may do so at the time of your vehicle’s registration renewal or your vehicle’s initial registration in the state. The fees for personalized or special plates will be higher than the $5 for standard plates, and will vary based upon which specialized plate you choose. Since the plates are often representing a good cause (such as the Humane Society or the Environmental plate supporting conservation), the extra fees will go toward the organization specified instead of to the MVD.

Some plates, such as the Pet Friendly plate, are available to anyone. Others may require proof of service or membership. Veterans who wish to obtain military-themed plates (such as a Veteran plate or Purple Heart plate for recipients) will need to provide verification of service and eligibility. You can also personalize both a special plate and an Arizona standard plate with words or letters of your choice for a standard $25 fee.

Special License Plates and Placards in Arizona

Arizona offers a variety of special license plates for drivers with all kinds of interests. You can get plates representing your favorite college, or sport your pride for the Arizona Cardinals or Diamondbacks. Some of the options for specialized plates include:

  • Military Support/Freedom
  • Phoenix Suns
  • Hunger Relief
  • Classic Car
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Arizona Agriculture
  • Arizona Historical Society
  • National Guard
  • Navajo Nation
  • Wildlife Conservation

Any of these plates can be obtained in person or through the mail, and many of them are also available online through such web applications as Service Arizona EZ Plate. The Antique Plate application also allows you to use the original plates from your classic car, as long as they are in good condition, still legible, and are painted the original colors. If you find your vehicle on the list of classic cars (updated each year), you’re eligible for an Antique Plate application. Check online to see what plates interest you, and the next time you renew your registration, get a license plate that tells the world who you are!

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