Learning all about the MVD and its processes is easier than you might think. With just a little research, you’ll be able to locate the nearest MVD office, apply for a drivers license, renew vehicle registration, register as an organ donor, a much more. The MVD is also a rich source of valuable information on driving laws and the penalties for breaking them. You can even use the MVD’s online services to check your own driving records for important edification on how you look in the eyes of the law as a responsible driver. You might be surprised by what you find when you take some time to explore the many attributes of the MVD.

Finding Your Local MVD Branch

With locations spread out across the state of Arizona, finding the MVD branch closest to you might seem a little overwhelming. Fortunately, all branch offices are listed on the Arizona MVD website, making it easy to choose the nearest location. However, be aware that not every branch caters to every kind of service. Make a note of where the nearest “full-service” MVD branch is for things like road tests and written exams. The contact numbers for each branch are also listed as a convenient way for you to get in touch, ask questions, and book road test appointments in advance.

Arizona MVD Forms and Paperwork

Paperwork makes the world go ‘round, and that is especially true when talking about the MVD. Nearly every service they offer requires a specific form filled out with very specific kinds of information before they can be processed. The MVD makes each of these forms available in their online MVD document library. This means you can print the ones you need and fill them out at any time. This is just one more way to save time and make your MVD experience a little easier for everyone. 

The Arizona Driving Point System

Like most states, Arizona employs the use of a driving point system to assess your safety and responsibility on the road. The most severe violations such as a DUI or reckless driving are worth a whopping eight points against you, while some relatively minor problems like speeding will only count for three. It only takes 12 points in a 12-month period to be penalized with a suspended license, so be mindful of your driving. Some incidents are so severe that your license can be revoked immediately. To see more common violation point values, take a look at the MVD point assessment table.

Checking Your Driver License Motor Vehicle Record

The best way to see how many points you currently have counting against you is to look at your Arizona Driver License Motor Vehicle Record. The MVD makes it easy to check this online: just input your driver license number and full name to view your current, up-to-date driving record. Knowing how many points you already have may give you extra incentive to be a good driver, even if you think going a little over the speed limit isn’t a big deal. Little violations add up quickly, after all. Employers and insurance providers can also look at your record to determine your responsible driving behavior, affect their decisions on selecting you for a potential job or increasing your insurance rates. Needless to say, a clean record is a valuable asset in today’s world.