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Colorado Drivers Ed

A Comprehensive Course in a Fun, Convenient Package

  • Approved by the Colorado DMV
  • Fully online – study however you want
  • Interact with animations and slideshows
  • Work around your own schedule

Drivers Ed Colorado Online Course

Here's everything you need to know about your Colorado drivers ed course:

  • It's a total of 30 hours of studying, which is required by the Colorado DMV. But you can spread that out for as long as you need to get it done.
  • It's entirely multimedia-based. You'll never read a textbook or listen to a lecture; instead, you'll watch videos, animations, graphics, and a whole lot more.
  • It's completely self-paced. You decide how fast or slow to study.
  • It uses single-subject lessons, so you only concentrate on one thing at a time.

You'll take a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each chapter, which can be retaken as many times as you need to fully absorb the material. And your final exam shouldn't worry you, because you get unlimited attempts... that means you're 100% guaranteed to pass your online Colorado drivers ed course!

Colorado Drivers Ed - 100% Online!

When you take your DMV-approved Colorado drivers ed course online, you get to be your own instructor! Our online drivers ed course is designed to work entirely around your schedule, so you make the decisions about when, where, and how you want to study.

  • Access your course from any computer
  • Log in and out whenever you want
  • Set your own pace and deadlines
  • Work in sessions until you're done!

There's absolutely no pressure, and no way that your course will interfere with your busy life. Why spend more time in a classroom when you don't have to? Sign up for your online drivers ed course, and see just how easy earning your permit can be!

Earn Your Colorado Drivers Permit & License the Easy Way

You've got enough to do as a busy teen - with schoolwork, friends, family, and any other activities in which you participate, it's hard to set aside a huge chunk of time to study for your license. Your online Colorado drivers ed takes that into account, giving you the flexibility to study your course around your existing schedule. You have 24/7 access, so you can log in and out whenever it's convenient, and study your lessons in multiple sessions. A little bit here, a little bit there, and before you know it, your course will be done!

Meeting All Colorado Requirements for Drivers Education Online

Out state-approved online Colorado drivers ed meets the DMV-required 30 hours to help you get your license. You'll work through 8 easy-to-manage subject-based chapters to help you concentrate and learn faster. With this class, students have everything they need right at their computer - no textbook necessary. Through short, manageable units, you'll learn:

  • Night driving
  • Driving in various weather conditions
  • Road signs and signals
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Freeway driving
  • Merging and lane changing
  • Hazard prevention methods

How Long Will It Take to Get My Learners Permit?

You'll need to complete a 30-hour online drivers ed course before you can get your Colorado driver education permit, and you can work through those hours at whatever pace you choose.

Please note that since your drivers education completion certificate is only valid for 6 months, you can't begin work toward your driving permit until you are at least 14 years and 10 months old.

We Want You To Pass!

If at first you don't succeed...try again! Retake the quizzes and final exam free of charge until you pass. (But we don’t want to make it too easy – if you fail to pass the final after your second try, you’ll need to go back and review the material before you can retake the final again.) You can even get ahead with a free 50-question practice test, covering the material that you’ll need to know for the actual DMV test. Our dynamic practice tests randomly select questions and present them to you in quizzes that simulate the real thing. Take it as many times as you need to, tracking your progress. If you still feel like you need more practice, you can upgrade to our 100-question tests and have all the peace of mind you need to overcome the DMV written exam.

24/7 Support

We work around the clock to ensure that you get everything you need when you take our course. Our customer support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - even on holidays! You can contact us through email or phone whenever you need. We'll get you the answers to any questions you may have, no matter when you have them!

We're Here for the Parents, Too!

We know the mix of emotions that comes with your teen getting their first drivers license. We're committed to making sure your child has all of the information they need to be a safe Colorado teen driver. We want you to have the support you need, as well as helpful tools to make sure everyone has a healthy and happy experience during this time. We've included a free parent-teen driving contract, so you can set ground rules from the start. 

Success is just a click away - see for yourself how effective our online driver education course can be!

Colorado Drivers Ed