Defensive Driving

Research from North Carolina State University finds that driving speed fluctuates more when a driver’s mind wanders from focusing on the act of driving.

Drugged driving surpasses drunk driving among drivers killed in crashes, report finds

Reckless driving means your driving showed irreverence or indifference to the safety or property of others.

Okay, Speed Racer, you got a speeding ticket. Fighting a speeding ticket may reduce fines or dismiss tickets. Follow these simple tips to fight a speeding ticket.

Hopefully, that speeding ticket is your first-offense and an online defensive driving course or traffic school can lower or forgive fines. If you are going to traffic court, be prepared. Take everything you need and be polite. What to expect in traffic court? Procedures for traffic court are routine. You will be tried before a judge. This is not a closed proceeding; other cases will be in the audience. The trials happen very quickly.

What would make the perfect super car? We examine some of the best auto tech and give you car maintenance tips and tech to make your car more super. Get better performance, safer features, and better fuel economy.

Most states have automated services, including DMV registration renewal. It will still depend on you to pay the fees for renewal on time. Depending on your state, smog checks, VIN inspections, or other auto maintenance may have to be performed to meet registration requirements. See your local DMV, Department of Revenue (DOR), or Motor Vehicle Division for requirements. (Find your state below.)

It only takes 1/12th an inch of rain and 35 mph to hydroplane? Driving in rain limits visibility, but wet roads can be dangerous even after the rain has stopped. Read these simple driving tips.

Conduct regular vehicle maintenance and you’ll avoid potentially costly breakdowns and extend the life of your car.

Amanda Stephens, a research fellow at the Monash University Accident Research Center, knows a thing or two about aggressive driving.

First time drivers, especially teenage drivers, can benefit from good examples, great habits, and guidelines that will graduate them into a lifetime of safe driving.