Safe Driving Tips

Learn how New York drivers can save on auto insurance with I Drive Safely.

Driving under the influence used to be simple—if you were drunk, you went to jail. But now DUIs have evolved to deal with an avalanche of recreational and prescription drugs.

The new Mentor for Families by eDriving app acts as a personal driving coach to help drivers improve their driving behavior by reducing aggressive driving, distracted driving, and more.

Driving to work. Driving home from work. Driving at work. Wherever you drive and for whatever reason you drive, you need to know about Drive Safely Work Week (DSWW). Because it's not just a workplace campaign—it’s a campaign to make roads safer for everyone.

Learn the key drunk driver statistics in the United States. Getting a DUI will cost you, but not getting caught may cost lives and money.

Get in a pesky fender bender and your wondering if the points are still on your record? Learn how to periodically check your driving record--and who is allowed to see your personal driving record.

How do you handle a tire blowout while driving? First, manage your tires like a boss. Good tire care helps prevent blowouts. Know how to check with an easy tread test. And, follow these tips to be prepared to handle a blowout if it does occur.

It’s pretty easy to assume that there’s a link between smartphone use, distracted driving, and increased accidents. This begs the question: Are you using your smartphone while driving?

If you or your passengers aren’t convinced wearing seat belts is the right thing to do, here are two reasons why you should.

Needless to say, you won't want to miss this special event. But when it comes to eclipses, safety is essential.

Documenting the key points of driving safety in a parent teen driving agreement will help your teen keep them top of mind, while offering you, the parent, some peace of mind while your child is out on the road.