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Defensive Driving Course

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New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP)

You can reduce your insurance rates and clear your driving record today - and you can do it
all right from your computer! When you complete our online New York PIRP course, you can:

  • Earn a state-mandated 10% insurance discount
  • Reduce up to 4 points from your New York driving record


Our course has been approved by the New York DMV, and satisfies all state requirements to earn your point and insurance reduction.

Two Easy Courses to Choose From

I Drive Safely offers two New York DMV-Approved Courses you can use to reduce your insurance rates and reduce points from your record.

Text-Based Course

Our easy text-based course presents all of the state-mandated coursework in brief, easy-to-understand chapters. This affordable option is a simple way to fulfill defensive driving requirements, and gives you the option of upgrading with an audio track that reads the entire course out loud through your computer's speakers.

Streaming Video Course

I Drive Safely's streaming video course is the easiest way to complete a defensive driving requirement. Instead of reading through text, you simply watch a 3D animated movie on your computer that teaches you the fundamentals of safe driving. This is the easiest and most hassle-free way to save money on insurance and reduce points.

Why Go Online?

It's simple - because an online course gives you the freedom you need to quickly meet your goals without any hassle. You don't have time to waste in a classroom, and we want to make your life easier. Choosing to complete your New York Defensive Driving course online allows you to work around your schedule and at your own pace - so you won't have to waste an entire day listening to a lecture!

No Final Exam

There's no final exam to complete, so once you've studied through all 8 chapters, you're completely done with your PIRP course!

How Your Course Works

The NYS Defensive Driving Course is 6 hours long, which you can break up into as many chunks as you want to complete around your schedule. Each chapter contains pertinent information for New York drivers, such as traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, road signals and signs. You have a quick multiple-choice review quiz at each chapter's end, and you only need to score a 75% to pass to the next lesson. And since there's no final exam, once you've completed the last quiz, you're done!

Free Delivery + Money-Back Guarantee

We promise that our course is just as fast and easy as you need it to be, which is why we offer a risk-free Money-Back Guarantee when you sign up. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, we'll give your money right back to you. And to save you even more, we offer free U.S. Mail Delivery for your Completion Certificate.

Defensive Driving Course


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Online Defensive Driving
with Streaming Video


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