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Fun Driving Facts:

While other states might tout some of the highest points in the country, Idaho is recognized for having some pretty deep drops. For example, while the Grand Canyon in Arizona might be the most well-known gorge in the U.S., Idaho can claim it has the deepest. The Grand Canyon drops 6,000 feet at its lowest point, while Hell's Canyon plummets 7,900 feet down. If you're on a mission to see even more downward drops in the Gem State, you could visit Shoshone Falls, which pours 212 feet down —52 feet farther down than the world-famous Niagara Falls!

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Very informative course. Taking it online made it so easy to finish on my own time. If I had to do it again I would definitely sign up with I Drive Safely.

W. Michaels

I have learned much more safety from this driving course. I feel like I have become a new driver on the road with extra precautions and knowledge for a better driving experience.

A. Liebermann

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