Online Traffic School in New York

  • DMV approved - 100% online course
  • Complete the course on your schedule
  • 10% insurance reduction
  • 4 points reduced on your record
  • Saves you time and money

Easy Online Point Reduction

We have designed this New York traffic school course with you in mind, so it provides you with the convenience and affordability that your life needs. This course is entirely web-based, which means that you can access it from any computer with a basic Internet connection. This format is just what your busy life requires, because you can work on it when it's convenient for you and from wherever you are most comfortable.

New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program

Drivers may take a point and insurance reduction course through DMV-approved private companies called "course sponsors." The New York Department of Motor Vehicles only approves New York state online traffic school courses that satisfy strict standards of quality information and educational effectiveness.

Some of the Benefits of Completing a New York Traffic School Course Include:

  • Greater knowledge of safe driving tips and New York traffic laws.
  • A reduction of up to four (4) points off of your driver record (the DMV will automatically remove the points after they receive proof of completion of the course if you are eligible).
  • A 10% discount off of your insurance premiums for three years if you are the primary driver of your motor vehicle.

Audio Read-Along

The New York defensive driving course takes a total of 6 hours to complete. Not interested in reading through the entire program? With our audio read-along feature, you can actually have it read out loud to you – making it completely effortless to complete your requirements! Every single line in the course is read by a professional announcer, making all of the information in the course crystal clear. This doesn't just make the course a whole lot easier to take, but it also makes the course more informative. When you hear the information, you retain more of the essential driving safety facts, and you will be able to complete the included quizzes.

Low Course Price

The price is so affordable for this New York traffic school online course that it almost seems too good to be true. We want everyone to be able to take the course, and we know that getting a traffic ticket can be expensive all on its own. That's why we always keep our prices low.

Work at Your Own Pace

This online traffic school course has no time limit because we don't want you to ever feel rushed or pressed for time to get it done. This way you can work on it at a pace that is comfortable for you, and you never have to worry about what anyone else is doing; this course is all about you.

Fun Course Format

This New York traffic school course has eight units and you can log in and out of them as much as you want. There are interactive animations, graphics, and videos throughout the course to keep you interested and entertained. Every unit has a short review quiz at the end, and you can retake them as many times as you need.

Final Exam Guarantee

We don't want to leave anything to chance when it comes to your driving record and saving money, so we also let you take the final exam as many times as you want. This takes all the pressure off of you and guarantees that you will pass the New York traffic school course.

Get the Completion Certificate Fast

Two things determine how quickly you will receive your completion certificate for an online traffic school in New York: how quickly it goes out and how quickly it ships. We rush process every order within 1 business day and ship it for free via standard delivery. If, for any reason, you need it sooner, we have many expedited shipping options available, allowing you to get it as early as the very next morning after the day it ships. As a courtesy to you, I Drive Safely offers free electronic reporting to the NY DMV after completion of your New York traffic school course.

New York Defensive Driving

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