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Dismiss Your Ticket with Defensive Driving in Harris County

Taking a Defensive Driving Course in Harris

If you've been cited for a moving violation in Harris, you have to deal with points on your license. One or two points isn't anything to worry about, but if they start to add up, you could face fines or even license suspension. Fortunately, most drivers can take Harris defensive driving online to dismiss tickets and points, and help keep their driver record clear.

Requirements for Harris County Defensive Driving

Once you have the ticket, you have a period of 10 days during which you must decide if you want to pay the ticket, or contest it. If you decide to appear in court, you are required to contact them. If you're found guilty, you can still ask for permission to take a Harris defensive driving course, but the ultimate decision is at the discretion of the Harris county court. If they grant you approval for a Texas-approved defensive driving course, you're good to go. If not, you're stuck.

In addition, if you have been ticketed for something incredibly reckless—driving in excess of 95 MPH, for example—you are not eligible to take Harris defensive driving. If that's the case, you may need to contact an attorney to have them explain how it works.

Benefits of a Ticket Dismissal Course

Taking a defensive driving course in Harris, Texas can save you time and money, and most importantly, hassle. Successful completion will get your current ticket dismissed, and the skills and techniques you will learn throughout the course will make you much less likely to get another ticket in the future!

You Need Your Driving Record!

In order to get your ticket dismissed, you need both your Harris defensive driving course certificate of completion, and a copy of your driving record. Without those two things, you are unable to clear up your ticket. Your driving record is a list of all the tickets and violations you've ever gotten, and it is the official indicator for the status of your driver's license. In order to obtain your record, you must request if from the court.

Convenience Goes a Long Way

This Harris County defensive driving course gives you the convenience and flexibility that you just can't get with other traffic school courses. You can work on the course from wherever you are most comfortable because it's accessible from any computer that has an internet connection. This user-friendly format makes it possible to work the course into your lifestyle, rather than having to rearrange your life to accommodate it.


The Texas Education Agency has approved this Harris County defensive driving online course to meet every requirement that you need to dismiss a ticket and points from your driver record.

You're in Control

You're usually at the mercy of an instructor when you take a Harris defensive driving course, but since this course is online you don't have that issue. We believe that you know what is best for you better than anyone else, so it just makes sense to let you make all the decisions. This puts you in charge of when you work on the course, from where, and for how long each day so you only have to worry about yourself.

Available Harris County Defensive Driving Online Courses:

  • Ticket Dismissal - this course is for anyone who wants to dismiss their traffic ticket and remove points from their driver record.
  • Insurance Discount - taking this course qualifies you for discount on your car insurance that is good for a period of 3 years.
  • Seat Belt Safety Course - these courses are for those who have received seat belt or child car seat violations and want to get rid of them.

What's Included?

We are proud to offer you Texas Defensive Driving courses at such a low price. You'll enjoy expertly written course material with interactive features, and a 24-hour Customer Support team. We even offer a Money-Back Guarantee.

Work in Multiple Sessions

With the way this defensive driving course is set up you will never feel rushed because you can log in and out of it as much as you want. This way you can work in as many sessions as you need to complete and can takes as many breaks as you want. Your coursework is all saved for you each time you log out of the course, so when you return you don't have to waste time; you can get started again right away.

Shipped for Free

We mail your certificate of completion right to your house and the shipping is completely free. We also offer express delivery options for a small additional fee if you find that you need yours even sooner.

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