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Defensive Driving

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  • Simple Text-Based Course
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Defensive Driving


  • Just Watch a Video
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  • Hassle-free Defensive Driving

Texas Defensive Driving Courses for Ticket Dismissal

  • Totally self-paced course
  • Easily fits into your schedule
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Multiple-choice quizzes
  • Easy-to-pass chapters

Dismiss Your Texas Traffic Ticket & Save Money

Complete this course if you have received an eligible traffic citation in Texas and wish to dismiss it so that it does not appear on your driving record. Dismissing the ticket will prevent your insurance rates from increasing as a result of the citation. This course may only be taken once every 12 months.

Works Around Your Busy Life

The only person who decides when you take an I Drive Safely defensive driving course is you. You don't have to set foot in a classroom or work around someone else's schedule. This gives you the power to establish your own pace and dismiss your traffic ticket on your own terms.


Complete the Course Any Way You Want

Everything about our I Drive Safely Texas Defensive Driving courses are intended to make dealing with your Texas traffic ticket as easy as it can be. They give you the freedom to determine where and when you study and allow you to work on your own pace.

  • Approved by the Texas Education Agency
  • Study from any computer
  • You set the schedule

Two Easy Courses to Choose From

I Drive Safely offers two Texas Education Agency approved courses that can help you dismiss a ticket.

Text-Based Course

Our simple-to-finish text based course provides all the information you need to know in chapter format. The course is the lowest price allowed by Texas law and has an optional audio track that allows you to listen to the course content through your computer’s speakers.

Online Video Course

Our online video course gives you the option of completing defensive driving simply by watching videos on your computer. 3D animations teach you the most vital things that you have to know to stay safe on the road. All you have to do is sit, watch, learn, and pass. This is the easiest way to dismiss a Texas traffic ticket online.

Quality Driver's Instruction

All students finish the Texas defensive driving online course with a new wealth of information about safe driving. The course clearly and thoroughly covers important topics, like:

  • Texas Driving Law
  • Defensive Driving Tricks
  • How to Stay Safe in Hazardous Conditions
  • Why Intoxicated Driving Is Always a Bad Idea
  • And More!

Easy to Complete

The driver's education professionals who designed our courses made every single unit simple to understand and easy to complete. The 3D-animated videos help reinforce the most important concepts, which makes passing the quizzes a snap.

Help Is Always Just a Phone Call Away

If you want more information about how our course works or how to dismiss your ticket, our Customer Support representatives are ready to help you at any time. Just give us a call day or night and we will assist you with anything you need.

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