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Dismiss Your Ticket Fast - Take Tennessee Defensive Driving Course

If you've received a Tennessee traffic ticket, you've got enough to deal with. Why waste time driving to an inconvenient classroom traffic school to dismiss it? Take your Tennessee Traffic School course online, and save yourself the time and money!

  • Study right from your computer
  • No classroom or textbook
  • Fast chapters - only 4 hours long!
  • Adjust the course to your schedule
  • Set your own comfortable pace

With an online course from I Drive Safely, your Tennessee traffic ticket is a thing of the past! Avoid points on your license and higher insurance rates, while still going about your daily life. You can even start and finish your Tennessee defensive driving course in the same day, and get back on the roads with a clean driving record in no time!

Tennessee Traffic School Details

Your online Tennessee Traffic School is only 4 hours long, making it a fast and easy way to dismiss your ticket on your schedule (even on the very same day you sign up!). The course consists of 8 subject-based chapters for an easy to understand experience, and each chapter covers topics such as:

  • Tennessee traffic law
  • Road signs and signals
  • Driving in various types of weather
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Alcohol and substance abuse consequences

Each chapter ends with a review quiz, and the final exam pulls every question straight out of the course. Still worried about it? Don't be - you only need to score an 80%, and you can retake the quizzes AND the exam as many times as you need to pass! For more on eligibility requirements for a defensive driving course in Tennessee, along with ticket dismissal processes, read our How It Works page.

Self-Paced Around Your Schedule

Our traffic school course for defensive driving in Tennessee gives you full control over when you study, so you can make sure your ticket dismissal doesn't interfere with the things you need to do. Because, after all, no one really wants to spend an entire Saturday sitting in a classroom!

  • Log in and out at will
  • Use multiple sessions to complete your course
  • Take breaks whenever you need them

Your course will adapt and adjust to whatever your needs are, and will always save your place when you walk away from it. That way, you'll start right back up when you're ready to work again.

Not Your Average Traffic School!

Instead of flipping through a boring DMV handbook, our online traffic school course will teach you efficiently and quickly with the latest technology and teaching tools. This gives you an even faster path to your point reduction and ticket dismissal!

  • Watch videos and animations
  • Listen to audio clips with your videos
  • View graphics, charts, and visual aids
  • Interact with multimedia tools

When you learn in an engaging way, you remember the material longer and will be able to apply your new safe driving skills every time you hit the Tennessee roads!

Fast Completion Processing

As soon as you finish your traffic school in Tennessee, we process your course completion and send your certificate on its way to you. We even cover the cost of regular mail delivery! If you're in a time crunch and need to get your Completion Certificate to the court quickly, we offer low-priced expedited delivery options that will meet your needs.

Need Help? Just Ask!

Our Customer Support team is available to you 24 hours a day to help in any way they can. From course registration to Tennessee traffic law, they can get you the answers you need whenever you happen to work on your course. Simply call or email one of our trained driving professionals, and we'll get you on your way.

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assessed to your driver's license.

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