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State of Kentucky Traffic School Your Way

Life is already hectic enough without the stress of a traffic ticket added to it. That's why our online Traffic School for Kentucky drivers is focused on efficiency. With I Drive Safely, you don't have to waste your valuable time sitting through hours and hours of an in-class course; you get to set your own pace, so you can complete the course when YOU want to.

  • Log in and out from any computer
  • 24/7 availability - study around your schedule
  • No deadlines - work at your own pace
  • Avoid the hassle of classrooms and textbooks

Study at the times that suit you best, and in the most comfortable setting for you. Our Kentucky traffic school course is completely adaptable to your lifestyle, so you're always the one in charge.

Your One-Stop Traffic School Resource

I Drive Safely is here to help you throughout the entire ticket dismissal process! We know it can be a hassle, which is why our course is specifically designed to work around your schedule and at your pace. Just be aware that once you have registered for Kentucky traffic school, the course becomes a court requirement that you are obligated to complete. To learn more about Kentucky traffic school requirements, see our How It Works page.

Course Eligibility and Requirements

You may take our Kentucky traffic school online to dismiss your ticket once within a 12-month period. You must also have a valid, non-suspended driver's license, and the course is intended for minor violations only. All traffic school referrals must come from the district court where the violation occurred.

Your course will not appear on your 3-year driving record; however, it will show up on your 5-year driving record, which is the one used by courts, government agencies, and law enforcement.

Information for Out-of-State Drivers

If you are an out-of-state driver who has received a speeding ticket in Kentucky, your citation will be sent to the state in which you are licensed. The KY county court may refer you to state traffic school, but your state will need to give its permission first!

You must pay the ticket in the Kentucky county where you received the citation. After that, the court will send your citation to your state, along with a letter stating your request to take a Kentucky traffic school. It is then up to your state's procedures for handling out-of-state traffic tickets which will determine whether you will be allowed to take state traffic school in lieu of points on your license.

In the case that your state doesn't process out-of-state traffic school referrals, your citation will be sent back to the county in which you were convicted for further processing. You will receive further information from the county at that time.

What Makes the Online Experience Unique?

Sitting in a classroom all day is dull. Fulfilling your Kentucky traffic school requirement online is actually entertaining! Rather than giving you a bunch of text to read through, we offer brief chapters that are to the point and combine them with interactive multimedia features like:

  • 3D graphics
  • Videos and animations
  • Slideshows and audio clips

These expertly-designed elements keep you from boredom and really enhance your learning experience. Plus, our multiple-choice quizzes help keep the material fresh in your mind, so you don't have to cram or stress before your final exam! We even offer a Money-Back Guarantee, so if you don't agree that our course is one of the best out there, you can get a refund.

What Does Online Kentucky Traffic School Entail?

Our process is really simple. All you have to do to get your Certificate of Completion is:

  • Read through each of the 6 short chapters
  • Take a brief multiple-choice quiz at the end of each chapter
  • Take your final exam (as many times as it takes to pass!)

We never set time limits or deadlines, so you don't have to feel rushed. Take your time if you want to, or complete the course in one sitting-it's up to you!

What Will I Learn?

Our online Kentucky traffic school course will equip you with the skills you need to become a better, safer driver, with all the convenience you could ask for. Some of the things you will study include:

  • Traffic laws in Kentucky
  • Highway safety information
  • How to drive defensively
  • Car accident prevention
Get All Your Questions Answered

If you're unclear about anything related to the course, feel free to give our Customer Support team a call. They work nonstop (24/7) to ensure that you don't have any traffic school issues. The team is highly trained, and can be contacted in two different ways. You can:

  • Give them a call
  • Email your question
Certificate of Completion

Once you've completed your course, we speedily process your Certificate of Completion so that we can send it off to you right away. You get to pick your preferred method of shipment, and we cover the shipping costs for you!

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I Drive Safely'S online Kentucky traffic school course is the only approved provider in the state of Kentucky, so you can rest assured that you'll be meeting your driver safety requirements. The state of Kentucky allows you to take traffic school in order to reduce points on your driving record and potentially satisfy a traffic ticket.

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