Online Traffic School for Alameda County, CA

  • Simple online course
  • Work at your own pace
  • Multiple exam retakes
  • Log in from any computer

Online Alameda County Traffic School

If you've received an Alameda County traffic ticket, keeping it private can be a huge hassle. But now there's an alternative to those long hours spent sitting in a classroom for your Alameda County traffic school. With I Drive Safely, you can complete the entire course online, right from the comfort of your own home! No more driving to a class on your day off - spend your free time however you wish, and study when you find the time. Our online traffic school for Alameda County is that easy.


This online course is DMV-licensed throughout Alameda County, so it meets all of the requirements you need to mask a traffic ticket from your public driving record.

Steps to Masking a Ticket

Taking an online traffic school in Alameda County is quite simple, and only requires a few steps. You must first pay the fine associated with your traffic ticket, and let your court know your intentions of taking traffic school to prevent the violation and points from appearing on your public driving record. Most minor moving violations are eligible for traffic school, as long as alcohol/drugs were not involved in the violation.

The DMV holds all Traffic School applicants to these eligibility requirements:

  • You must possess a valid CA drivers license.
  • If you have a commercial driver license, your citation must have occurred when you were not driving for work; similarly, you must have been driving a non-commercial vehicle at the time of your citation.
  • You must have abstained from taking any traffic school course within the 18 months prior to your violation, and you're not currently enrolled in one for a separate citation.
  • Your violation cannot require a mandatory court appearance.

The DMV will give you a time frame in which your course completion certificate needs to be delivered. However, if circumstances dictate that you will not be able to complete your course in time, you may request ONE (1) 30-day extension, after which your completion certificate will need to be automatically submitted to the DMV. If it's not, you run the risk of your violation and points appearing on your driving record.

Stay Home and Study Online

With a traditional traffic school, you're required to sit in a classroom in front of an instructor, reading a textbook for hours until the course is totally complete. Not so with the Alameda County online traffic school California. With our course, you get to study whenever and wherever you choose, and take as much time to complete the course as you wish!

Your lessons are accessible from any computer at all hours of the day, so no matter what your schedule may be, we've got you covered. This course is completely self-paced, putting you in complete control over your learning experience. Don't let an instructor dictate your learning schedule - with our online course, you call the shots!

Simple, Quick, and Fun

Your online traffic school for Alameda County is broken up into short, manageable units, making it easier for you to study. The 8-hour course can be completed all at once, or a little at time - it's up to you! Plus we include engaging multimedia content such as:

  • Professionally-designed videos
  • Interactive animations and graphics
  • Easy multiple-choice quizzes

Your quizzes and exams offer multiple retakes, so you'll have no problem passing your course!

Passing is a Snap

The final exam is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions that are taken directly out of the Alameda traffic school course material, so you will feel completely prepared for it. And just to make it that much easier for you, your final exam allows you multiple retakes, so if you need to attempt your exam a second time to pass it, you may!

Make it Work for You

Don't stress more than you have to with your CA traffic school course. Take the course online, and study with ease and comfort at whatever pace you choose. I Drive Safely's online traffic school puts Alameda County motorists back in the drivers seat!

Completion Certificate

When you finish the course we will submit your completion certificate to the DMV for you, so you don't have to worry about any of the paperwork or getting it down there yourself. Click the Register Now button and see why over a million satisfied customers have gotten their defensive driving training through these traffic school courses. We look forward to instructing you!

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