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Virginia CDL Practice Test

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  • Based off of the actual DMV handbook
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Practice Test for CDL Exam in Virginia

Don’t risk failing your Virginia CDL written exam, especially if it’s essential to your occupation and career aspirations! I Drive Safely’s Virginia CDL Practice Test offers an easy, useful way to study and prepare yourself fully for the upcoming test. All of the study materials are carefully designed by professionals in the driver education and training industry to make learning the facts and laws easier and more effective. With our practice test, you’re getting the most out of your study time, allowing you to pass your Virginia CDL test the very first time.

Our VA CDL Practice Test is Guaranteed to Prepare You

I Drive Safely’s Virginia Practice Test comes in two options: a 50-question test and a 100-question test. Which option you choose is completely dependent on your existing knowledge of driving laws and rules of the road. Each test is packed with multiple-choice questions that are based on information found in the Virginia Drivers Manual. Through these questions, you’ll learn about:

  • Laws and road rules specific to the state of Virginia
  • General etiquette and road signs
  • The standard format of questions in a written driving test

Using actual DMV test questions ensures that you’ll have a leg up on the written test when you’re ready to take it.

Choose Your Preferred CDL Practice Test

By employing two separate ways to study, I Drive Safely not only gives you the freedom to choose your preferred method, but also turns this simple practice test into a total learning experience. If you’re the type of person who studies each question one at a time, then you’ll appreciate the study review option of our practice tests. If you’d first like to have an accurate assessment of what you already know, then choose the graded practice test to take a sample quiz and figure out just how well you know your driving knowledge.

Aim for an Online Driver Prep Course for Additional Help

If you still feel like you need more practice or guidance in your studies, I Drive Safely also offers a driver prep course to refresh your driving knowledge and hone your skills on the road. This hour-long course goes through all of the information contained in the Virginia Drivers Manual in a concise, easy-to-understand way, so that you absorb the knowledge easily and painlessly. Combined with the practice test, this is a foolproof way to pass your CDL exam and earn your commercial drivers license.

Virginia CDL Practice Test


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