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Utah Motorcycle License Practice Test

The Easy Way to Pass Your Motorcycle License Test!

  • Created specifically for motorcycle riders
  • Based off of the actual DMV handbook
  • Multiple ways to study
  • 100% online – save time and money

Practice Test for your Motorcycle Permit in Utah

Passing the written portion of a motorcycle permit exam can be tough – but don’t let that stand in the way. I Drive Safely’s Utah Motorcycle Practice Test is the perfect, effective way to properly study for your exams, and ensure that you’re well-prepared to tackle them head-on. If you’re looking for an easy, practical way to study, look no further.

The Online & Convenient UT Motorcycle License Practice Test

I Drive Safely’s Utah Motorcycle Practice Test is 100% online and fully catered to your convenience. We offer multiple options so that you’re able to get your studies in when you want, where you want, and how you want.

  • Available 24/7 – Day or night, you can access our practice tests whenever you want.
  • Study on the go – Our Utah practice tests are mobile-friendly, so you can study for your permit exam on your smartphone or tablet wherever you want.
  • Two options – We offer 50-question and 100-question increments, depending on how much studying you want or need.

With our Utah motorcycle practice tests, we put your permit in your hands.

Two Ways to Study with Your Practice Test

We understand that not everybody studies the same way, so we’ve come up with two different methods to increase variety, knowledge retention, and understanding. With our study review you can simply go through each question one at a time and learn the concepts associated with each one. If you want to simulate an authentic test-taking atmosphere, take the graded practice test and gauge your motorcycle riding knowledge thus far. Combine both for an effective way to tackle the motorcycle permit exam head on.

An Online Driver Prep Course for More Success

If you feel like you need a little more push to pass your written motorcycle permit exam, why not sign up for I Drive Safely’s driver prep course? The completely-online course is an hour-long look at the essentials of driving and traffic law, lifted straight from the Utah Driver Handbook. It’s a great refresher if you’re still a little foggy on the basic details of drivers etiquette and basic rules of the road, and may prove to be an invaluable resource to get you on the road as soon as possible.

Utah Motorcycle License Practice Test


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