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Pennsylvania Learners Permit Practice Test

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  • Based off of the actual PennDOT handbook
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Practice Permit Test in Pennsylvania

If you’re stressing out about getting your Pennsylvania learners permit, I Drive Safely’s Pennsylvania Permit Practice Tests are just what you need to ensure you pass the written portion of the exam. Getting your learners permit can be an important milestone, and we’re here to give you the confidence and peace of mind to pass the exam easily. Our Pennsylvania permit practice tests provide comprehensive study materials in a convenient package that is tailored to your needs.

Online PA Practice Permit Tests Offer Terrific Convenience

I Drive Safely’s Pennsylvania Permit Practice Tests aren’t just a collection of test questions packaged in a boring course. They’re fully available online, providing unmatched freedom and flexibility so that you can study when you have the time. Our practice test is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can study whenever you want. Our practice tests are mobile friendly too, so you can study on your laptop, smartphone and/or tablet wherever you want. Regardless of how you study, I Drive Safely is here to make it more convenient than ever before.

Quality Practice Test Materials to Boost Confidence

There’s no need to read the long, boring Pennsylvania Drivers Manual when you can interactively study the information through our Pennsylvania permit practice tests. Available in 50- and 100-question options, each one offers two different study options you can choose from. You can go through the tests one question at a time and study each one individually, or take randomly generated graded quizzes to see just how much you know and study accordingly. The course will generate as many tests as you want, so how much studying and prep you undertake is entirely based on your needs.

Opt for an Online Driver Prep Course

If you feel that you’re still not quite ready for the permit exam, I Drive Safely offers a driver prep course that can prove invaluable not only to your studies, but also to your lifelong driving career. The hour-long streaming video course details driving etiquette, traffic laws, and more right out of the Pennsylvania Drivers Manual, condensing it into a fun, easy-to-understand format. Combining this with the practice tests is the best way to be fully prepared for your big test.

Pennsylvania Learners Permit Practice Test


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