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New Jersey Learners Permit Practice Test

The Easy Way to Prepare for Your Learners Permit Exam!

  • The most effective study tool available
  • Based off of the the actual DMV handbook
  • Online practice tests save you time and money
  • 50- or 100-question versions available

Learners Permit Practice Test in New Jersey

Getting your New Jersey learners permit is the first step to a lifetime of driving. So you want to be sure that you only have to take the New Jersey Learners Permit Test once! With our online Learners Permit Practice Tests, you won’t have to worry about preparing for the real thing. 

The Online and Flexible NJ Practice Permit Test

There’s no easier way to prepare for the New Jersey learners permit test. Everything for the New Jersey permit practice test can be done online; it’s accessible from any computer (and most mobile devices) with a basic Internet connection. You’ll be able to work around your schedule and do all of your studying from the comfort of your own home.

A Myriad of Learners Permit Practice Test Study Options

We offer two versions of our online New Jersey learners permit practice test – one with 50 questions, the other with 100. Answer the questions in the order you want to study, or have the computer generate random tests for you (similar to how the test at your DMV will look). And if you want even more help, you can take our New Jersey Driver Prep course – it only takes an hour, and will thoroughly cover everything you’ll need to know to pass your test.

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New Jersey Learners Permit Practice Test


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