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Massachusetts Learners Permit Practice Test

The Best Way to Study for Your Massachusetts Learners Permit!

  • Pass your test the first time
  • Based on the actual RMV handbook
  • 50- or 100-question versions available
  • 100% online – save time and money

Practice Test for Massachusetts Learners Permit

It’s estimated that up to 70% of all first-time drivers fail their first attempt at taking the Massachusetts Drivers Permit Test. And it’s not because they’re not smart – it’s because they haven’t prepared. They haven’t adequately studied the rules and regulations they need to know. Don’t fall into this trap. Prepare yourself with our proven Massachusetts Permit Test Study Guide, or our multi-media Massachusetts Driver Preparation Course – you can even maximize your study efforts by getting both at a reduced cost! Our Permit Practice Test features:

  • State-specific questions
  • Features traffic laws and road signs
  • Two different ways to study

You’ll gain confidence and pass the real test the first time you take it!

Complete Flexibility with Our MA Permit Practice Test

No need to worry about when and where you’re going to take our practice tests. Our Massachusetts practice learners permit tests can be taken on just about any Internet–enabled device; laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets, whichever you prefer. And there’s no fixed schedule – your study sessions are when you want them, day or night.

About Our Mass RMV Permit Practice Tests

Our Massachusetts Permit Practice Test is designed by professional instructors who know what it takes to pass an exam like the Massachusetts Permit Test. Using a proven, dual-teaching technique, our instructors have created a program that features both study guide elements (reviewing each question and answer one at a time) and a virtual permit test (that tests your knowledge and grades your scores). And we offer two selections – a 50 Question Massachusetts Drivers Permit Test and a 100 Question Massachusetts Drivers Permit Test. For those who need a little extra assistance, there’s our Massachusetts Driver Prep course – in the span of just 60 minutes, you’ll get a complete overview of all of the Massachusetts traffic rules you’ll need to know.

Our Customer Support Team is Here When You Need us

You may have questions about our practice tests, or even about Massachusetts driving regulations! Give us a call – our customer support team works around the clock, 24/7 to make sure that you get the assistance you need.

Massachusetts Learners Permit Practice Test


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