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How to Get Your Nevada Drivers License

Getting your Nevada drivers license can be confusing, so we put together this helpful step-by-step guide to getting through the Nevada graduated licensing process. Just follow the path laid out here and you’ll be a licensed Nevada driver sooner than you might think.

How to Get Your Nevada Drivers License

STEP 1: Take I Drive Safely’s Nevada Online Driver Education Course

(You must be 15 years old in order to take Nevada drivers ed.)

  • Pass the course (which you’ll do. We guarantee it.)
  • Once you pass the course we’ll send you your certificate of completion

STEP 2: Bring These Documents to the Nevada DMV:

  • I Drive Safely certificate of completion. This will prove you’ve passed the course and allow you to take your permit test.
  • Proof of Identity (name and date of birth – typically a certified, U.S.-issued birth certificate) and Social Security number if a number has been issued for you.

STEP 3: Nevada DMV In-Person Requirements:

  • You must pass both the vision and written tests
  • You must have a parent/guardian sign the financial responsibility section on the application (this can be downloaded from our website)
  • Both you and your parent must sign the Minor Affidavit & Information sheet (this can also be downloaded from our website). This confirms that you (the beginning driver) and your parent/guardian comprehend specific driving laws pertaining to minors
  • You must pay the Nevada DMV fee

Once this process is completed, you will get a temporary paper document that will allow you to drive in the state of Nevada. You will get the real learners permit by mail within 10 business days. At this point, you may only drive with an individual seated up front with you at all times, who meets these requirements:

  • The passenger must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The passenger must be licensed.
  • The passenger must have a minimum of 1 year of driving experience.

STEP 4: Behind-the-Wheel Training

To get your Nevada drivers license, you must meet the 50-hour behind-the-wheel experience requirement. Of that total drive time, 10 hours must occur at night. It is required that you are supervised at all times by a driver who has been in possession of a Nevada drivers license for at least a year, and is at least 21 years of age. This individual must sit in the front passenger seat with you at all times.

You must keep track of this driving experience on the form the Nevada DMV provides. This will serve as a written record of the dates and times that you have practiced. Update the form after every driving session, and make sure it’s completely filled out before you take your skills test. This form will then need to be signed by a parent or guardian and it must be submitted at the time you apply for a full Nevada drivers license.

STEP 5: Getting Your Nevada Drivers License

After you have met the requirements for drivers education and behind-the-wheel training, the most convenient way to schedule your driving skills test is with the online scheduling option. You may also call the DMV. Please note that if a parent or anyone else schedules your test for you, they will need your instruction permit number or Social Security number.

  • For online scheduling, visit the state’s DMV website
  • To call your local Nevada DMV, the numbers are:

    Las Vegas area: 486-4638
    Reno/Carson City/Sparks: 684-4368
    Elsewhere in Nevada: (877) 368-7828

Don’t forget to bring:

  • A parent/guardian to sign the financial responsibility statement and affidavit for minor to be licensed
  • Drivers education certificate of completion and instruction permit
  • Beginning Driver Experience Log (form DLD-140), completed
  • Vehicle that is both registered and insured, and has the paperwork to prove it

The skills test may be taken in any passenger car or truck, as long as it is properly registered and insured. However, you may not use a rental car for your skills test. Your examiner will check the certificate of registration and evidence of insurance card, in addition to completing a safety inspection of the car.

During the test, the examiner will tell you where to drive. Be aware that breaking major traffic laws, like speeding or failing to yield, is grounds for automatic failure. Overall, you will be graded on a point system. If you fail, the instructor will tell you why as well as how to retake the exam. It’s possible for a 30-day time limit to be imposed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must be 16 years old to apply for a full Nevada drivers license. You must also:

  • Have had a valid Nevada instruction permit for a minimum of 6 months before applying
  • Have not been involved in any at-fault accidents within 6 months before applying
  • Have not had any convictions for moving violations within 6 months before applying
  • Have not had any drug or alcohol convictions at all within 6 months before applying

After passing the skills test, you will then return to the DMV so that your new Nevada drivers license can be processed. There is a $3 fee. A hole will then be punched in your instruction permit and it will be returned to you. In addition to this, you will receive a temporary paper document that verifies your privilege to drive. You will receive your actual Nevada drivers license through the mail within 10 business days.

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