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What's a Driver Improvement Clinic?

A driver improvement clinic in Virginia is an 8-hour course that reviews driving laws, defensive driving techniques, and important safety information. These DMV-approved driver improvement clinics also cover preventive strategies for road rage and aggressive driving. These courses can benefit drivers by meeting their court requirements, increasing their safe driving points or helping reduce insurance premiums.

How Does the Virginia DMV Point System Work?

Be a safe driver, earn points. It sounds simple, right? If you're a safe driver it is simple. But once you start racking up those tickets, that's when things get tricky.

Each year you keep your driving record clean you'll earn a safe driving point, up to 5 points max. The Virginia DMV keeps track of your driving record and your points balance.

On the flip side, if you're convicted of a moving violation in Virginia, demerit points will be added, which can counter the safe driving points you receive. Each Virginia traffic violation is worth 3, 4 or 6 DMV demerit points. The greater the severity of your offense, the more demerit points it is worth. These demerit points are deducted from your safe driving points and affect your driving record total. And once you've received a violation, those demerit points stay on your DMV driving record for 2 years.

After 2 years, demerit points will drop off your DMV record, but you can erase them faster by taking a driver improvement clinic. The completion of a driver improvement clinic can earn a maximum of 5 safe driver points!

Who Can Take a Driver Improvement Clinic?

There are several types of drivers who can benefit from a Virginia driver improvement clinic:

  • Drivers mandated by the court
  • Drivers over the age of 20 looking to improve their driving record
  • Drivers looking to reduce their insurance premiums
  • Out of state drivers who receive a Virginia traffic ticket

If you've been instructed by the court to take a driver improvement course, you can fulfill this requirement online. You're required to complete the entire 8-hour course within 90 days, or the DMV will suspend your driving privilege until this requirement has been met. It's also up to the court to decide if you'll earn any safe driving credits when you complete your driver improvement course.

Some conscientious drivers may choose to take an online driver improvement course to increase their safe driver point total. You can take a driver safety course once every 24 months to improve your record. Completion of an online course can help if you've had multiple infractions resulting in a zero or negative safe driving points balance on your DMV record.

It's also possible to reduce your insurance premiums by taking a driver improvement clinic. Some insurance providers reduce premiums for drivers over 55 years of age who take a clinic. Keep in mind, though, that if you choose to take a driver improvement class voluntarily, you won't earn the 5 safe driving points. According to the state, you can either get the points or get the discount - not both.

And for any out-of-state drivers who happen to get a ticket while on vacation, you can take a Virginia online driver improvement course to remove the violation from your record.

Why Choose an Online Course?

The Virginia DMV requires drivers to complete 8 hours of instruction to meet driver improvement requirements. But you don't have to do it all in one day. By taking an online course, you'll have the freedom to stop and start lessons, and log in and learn when it's convenient for you. Get the same quality education and 8 hours of instruction, without wasting an entire day in a classroom!

If you're feeling lost or need some help, our customer support team is always available. Take your course anywhere and reach us anytime. Fast, easy and convenient online driver improvement courses like those offered by I Drive Safely are the best way to go.

Virginia Driver Improvement Online

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