Indiana Online Driver Safety Program

  • Conveniently fits your schedule
  • Take it on any computer
  • Benefit from 24/7 live support
  • 4-point safe driver credit
  • Money-back guarantee

Get the Convenience You Deserve

Taking an Indiana driver safety program doesn't have to be such an inconvenience anymore because we have designed one that can be done entirely online. You can access it from any computer that has an Internet connection, so where and when you work on erasing traffic tickets is now up to you.

Indiana State-Approved

This course is approved in Indiana by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), so it fulfills all the things that are required for ticket dismissal, to have your license reinstated, or to get a discount on your car insurance every month.

This Course Satisfies:

  • Court requirements: As an alternative to license suspension, a judge has the authority to order a required driver safety course to any driver who has committed a traffic violation.
  • BMV requirements: Drivers who are convicted on two or more traffic violations within a 12-month period will be ordered by the Indiana BMV to complete a BMV-approved driver safety program. License suspension will occur if the course is not completed or the fee is not paid within the specified time period.

Benefits of Taking a Defensive Driving Course

In addition to equipping you with the knowledge and skills to be a safer driver, a DSP will:

  • Keep a violation from showing up on your driving record
  • Let you avoid having your license suspended

If you opt to take an Indiana BMV defensive driving course voluntarily, you'll get the following advantages:

  • A 4-point credit on your driving record
    • This can be done 1 time every 3 years
  • A discount on your car insurance
    • You must check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible for this discount.

Why You Should Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Like your credit score, your driving record impacts your life in a major way. By keeping your driving record clean, you'll make things much easier on yourself. A few of the advantages of having a clear driving record include:

  • Lower car insurance premium
  • Easier to get an auto loan
  • Renting a car will be a breeze
  • You won't have to stress about your background check; potential employers can access your driving record, and things like DUIs may take you out of the running, even if you're not applying for a driving-specific job.

The Most Common Indiana Traffic Violations:

The five traffic violations that occur most frequently in the state of Indiana are:

  • Failure to respond to a traffic ticket or failure to pay traffic ticket fines
  • Driving an uninsured vehicle (it must have valid liability insurance)
  • Committing repeat traffic violations over a period of 10 years. This includes:
    • Drivers who have committed 2 major offenses causing injury or death
    • Drivers who have committed 3 major offenses (including reckless driving, fleeing the scene of an accident, etc.)
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Not supplying proof of insurance when asked to by the BMV

You can't take a defensive driving course to keep major violations off your record, but for the ones that you can, it's definitely worth it. Even if you take a driver safety course voluntarily, you'll still learn techniques that will improve your driving.

No Pressure at All!

We want to make sure that you pass this Indiana driver safety program, so you can get rid of your traffic ticket and start saving money every month. That is why you get multiple attempts on the final exam to ensure your success. So, enroll for a defensive driving course in Indiana and complete the course on your own schedule!

Indiana Defensive Driving

This course is currently unavailable to licensed Indiana drivers. For a list of approved Driver Safety Program courses, consult the Indiana BMV website.