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Now There's an Easier Way

You can work on getting rid of traffic tickets anywhere you want with this Indiana driver improvement course because it's all done online. All you need to access it is a computer with an internet connection, which allows you the flexibility to work around your schedule so you don't ever have to change your plans to accommodate it.


This online course is BMV-approved throughout the entire state, so it satisfies everything needed to get rid of a ticket and keep your driving record free of points.

Why Take Driver Improvement?

An Indiana driver improvement course can not only help you meet BMV requirements — it also teaches you all of the latest defensive driving and hazard prevention techniques that you need to know in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. You can refresh your basic driving skills, learn brand-new advances in defensive driving, and clear up your driving record of points — all at the same time!

Plus, when you take Indiana Driver Improvement online, you benefit from all of the freedom and flexibility that our self-paced course has to offer. You never need to drive to a classroom course, or follow someone else's schedule or deadlines. The course is only 4 quick sections, so you can breeze right through it without sitting for hours behind a desk. Our quick and easy online course adjusts to meet YOUR needs — not the other way around!

Driver Improvement Course Indiana Offers:

  • Online convenience anytime and anywhere
  • Fun and interactive multimedia features in every unit
  • The ability to come and go as you please
  • BMV approval throughout all of Indiana
  • An affordable price

Sign Up In Minutes

You can register for this Indiana driver safety course in just a few minutes, so you can start working on it that very same day. You can set up your online account by choosing a user ID and password that will be uniquely linked to it. This way you can log in from any computer you like and always have access to your course.

Videos and 3-D Animations

There are four separate units in this driver improvement course Indiana and each one focuses on a different driver-related issues. The text in every unit is broken up by graphics and interactive animations to make sure you stay entertained and engaged throughout the course.

One Low Price + Free BMV Reporting!

When you finish your course, we even report your completion information directly to the BMV daily, at no additional cost to you! We can send you your own copy of your Proof of Completion for your records quickly, so you've got a copy right at home.

Log In And Out Anytime

You can take a break whenever you need one from this Indiana defensive driving test, so you don't ever have to feel overloaded with too much at once. Your spot will automatically be saved for you each time you leave the course, so when you return you won't have to waste any time; you can pick it right back up again.

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