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Why Should I Take VA Traffic School Online

According to the Virginia DMV, there’s a vehicle crash in the state every three minutes, and there’s a 1-in-4 chance that you’ll be involved in a crash in your lifetime.

Those are terrifying statistics, and it makes you wonder: are Virginia drivers just asleep at the wheel? Do they drive with their feet? The answer is no, as the national averages aren’t much different—which is even scarier.

In light of this, the DMV has created the Driver Improvement Program, a Virginia traffic school system designed to reward safe drivers and punish the ones that do fall asleep at the wheel, and drive with their feet.

Safe Points and Demerit Points

Like most states, Virginia has a demerit point system. A predetermined point value is assigned to every moving violation, and once a threshold has been reached, the driver is fined or has his/her license suspended. But unlike most states, Virginia offers "safe points" that drivers can also accrue.

Safe points are given out annually—a little reward for each year spent without incident. You can also earn safe driver points by completing a Virginia DMV-approved traffic school. Safe points can offset demerit points, and you can accumulate up to 5.

Why should I care about earning safe driver points, you ask? Good question. The answer is: money. If you rack up too many demerit points, you will be fined. Offsetting the demerits with safe points can reduce, and even negate some fines altogether. Safe points can lead to an insurance discount, too, which would save you even more money.

Oh No! I Got a Virginia Speeding Ticket!

The most frequently-issued citation is the speeding ticket. Most drivers tend to view the posted speed limit as a suggestion, rather than a rule, and while it does seem like there’s a grey area, the law is still the law. And whether you get pulled over for driving 10 miles over the limit or 50, points will appear on your driver record.

If you have a lead foot, and you find yourself collecting speeding tickets like Virginia Cyclones trading cards, you’re going to wind up with too many points on your driving record. And if you have too many points, you’ll get dinged with higher insurance rates. Lucky for you, Virginia DMV traffic school can keep you out of trouble.

What if I’m an Out-of-State Driver?

If you live in Thousand Oaks, California, or Pahrump, Nevada, and you get a speeding ticket in Virginia, you can take a Virginia online traffic school course. However: you will still be required to take the Virginia traffic school final exam at an approved testing center within the state lines.

Occasionally, the DMV will permit you to take a course from a different state and have it apply toward your Virginia fine, but that is at the discretion of the good people of the Virginia DMV. If you decide to take Virginia driver improvement online, you’d be wise to get approval before enrolling in a local program. I Drive Safely’s online traffic school in Virginia is 100% approved by the Virginia DMV all throughout the state.

Features of I Drive Safely Courses

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Reasons for Taking Our Traffic School Course:

Self-Paced Education

Unlike other VA traffic schools that make you be somewhere at a specific time, our courses are self-paced and can be accessed 24 hours a day. If you prefer to get through a course quickly, you can work for hours at a time (or even take the entire course in one sitting!) If you would rather not have our Virginia defensive driving class program interfere in your daily routine, log on for a few minutes here and a few minutes there until you’re done. Either way, you’ll get the same certificate the classroom students receive, without the fuss.

Taking the Final Exam

When you reach the end of your course, there is a final exam. You are required to take this exam at an approved testing site in Virginia. I Drive Safely has compiled a list of testing centers where you may take this exam.

Receiving Your Certificate

When you’ve gone through all units of the Virginia traffic school course and passed the final exam, you’ll get your certificate of completion from us. We send them through the U.S. mail for no extra charge, or you can upgrade to overnight Federal Express delivery if you are in a hurry and have a court deadline to meet. Your certificate could be in your hands as quickly as the next business day!

Virginia Traffic School Course – Any Questions?

If you want to learn more about the Driver Improvement Clinic online courses and services we offer to our students, start by taking advantage of one of our favorite services - the 24-hour live customer support team! Click the contact us link, and you can email, call, or send an instant message to our representatives at any time of the day or night. We know the Internet never closes, and that’s why we never close either! Call today!

Virginia Driver Improvement Online

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