Online Traffic School for Traffic Ticket in Marin County, California 

  • Mask your ticket from home
  • 100% online and self-paced
  • DMV-licensed
  • 24/7 customer aupport
  • Money-back guarantee

Set the Stress Aside

When you have a traffic ticket, the last thing you want to think about is the hassle you'll deal with in trying to keep it off your public driving record. Let I Drive Safely eliminate that stress with a quick and easy Marin County traffic school that you can do right from home! No extra time spent in a classroom on your day off - just a convenient way to prevent a ticket and its points from showing up on your public driving record for a price that anyone can afford.

Study Online & Around Your Schedule

Handling your ticket online gives you all the flexibility you need, without any of the hassle that you don't!

  • Fit the course into your schedule
  • Only study when you choose to
  • Don't rush - work at a comfortable pace
  • No deadlines or pressure
  • Online access from any computer

Your online traffic school for Marin County allows you maximum convenience with minimal effort. Simply log in and out of your lessons when you choose, and work through your course until you're done!

100% California DMV-Licensed

Our Marin County online traffic school course has been licensed by the California DMV, and meets all state requirements for handling a ticket. You'll get the same curriculum as a classroom traffic school, presented to you in a simple online format that puts your needs first.

Am I Eligible?

When you receive a traffic ticket in California, the state will issue you a notice of eligibility via mail, informing you as to whether you qualify for traffic school. Typically, you will receive this notice if:

  • You have not taken traffic school in the last 18 months
  • You have been cited for a minor moving violation (such as a red light violation or a speeding ticket of less than 25MPH over the limit)
  • You possess a valid, non-commercial California driver's license without any pending violations

Save Money the Easy Way

Not only can your Marin County online traffic school course prevent your insurance rates from rising with a traffic violation - it can also help you earn a reduction on your insurance premium! When you take our Marin traffic school voluntarily, you could be eligible for a safe driver discount, saving you money every single month. Check with your insurance provider for details on the types of discounts they may offer for completion of a defensive driving course.

Self-Paced for Your Convenience

Since we make your course accessible 24 hours a day from any computer, you may choose how quickly or leisurely you'd like to work. You aren't pressured to finish a chapter within a certain amount of time - take a break when you need one, and come back when you're ready. When you take traffic school online in California, you have the power to decide where and how you want to complete your lessons. Finish in a day, or finish in a week - the choice is yours!

No Textbooks, No Problem!

In the digital age, it is no longer convenient to be forced to read through a driver's handbook while sitting in a classroom for 8 hours. This course provides you with an interactive lesson plan, helping you study faster and finish your course quickly!

  • Watch videos with audio clips
  • Interact with animations and teaching tools
  • Learn through graphics and visual aids

The course even saves your spot when you go to take a break, using our auto-save feature to give you the ability to come and go from your lessons as you please. So drop the textbook and get out of the classroom. Your online course is waiting!

Automatic DMV Reporting

Once you pass your final exam for your course (which is only 25 multiple-choice questions), you don't have to do another thing! We report your course completion directly to the DMV for you - there isn't any paperwork or red tape to deal with. We do recommend following up with the DMV just to be sure that your ticket course went through properly!

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