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Delaware Defensive Driving Course

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DMV-Approved Course
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Save Time and Money
10% Insurance Reduction

Insurance reduction course


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Online Driver's Ed

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Pass Driver's Ed

Cool Animations
Designed to Increase Learning
Convenient to do
Study Anytime, Anywhere
Perfect for Parents
with Free Helpful Guides
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It's Easier Than Ever

with State Specific DMV Practice Tests &
Multi-Media Driver Preparation Course

Practice Tests we offer:

Driver License
Learners Permit
Commercial Drivers License

50 & 100 Question Practice Tests


Driver Preparation Course
AND Practice Test

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Save On Your Auto Insurance

with an Easy Online Insurance Reduction Course For 55 Yrs & Above

Easy to Complete
with Quick Read Lessons
Convenient to Take
Study When It's Best for You
Take Your Time
Unlimited Start and Stops

*The course which you will take is not specifically designed for the Mature Driver. This course is the Delaware State-approved defensive driving course which will provide you with up to a 15% insurance discount for 3 years.

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Delaware Defensive Driving on Your Schedule

With everything you have going on in your busy life, you can’t afford for your traffic school to get in the way. You need ease, convenience, and flexibility to work how and when you want. That’s why your online Delaware Defensive Driving course was specifically designed to be self-paced and stress-free!

  • 24/7 access from any computer
  • Study when it best fits your schedule
  • Work in sessions until you’re done

Make your own rules, set your own deadlines, and meet your requirements without ever stepping foot inside a classroom. It’s your course, your way!

A Traffic School Course for Every Driver

Whether you have been cited as an aggressive driver, or you’re simply looking to save some money on your insurance premium, this online Delaware Defensive Driving course will fit the bill.

  • Our Insurance Reduction Course will qualify you for an automatic 10% reduction on your premium for 3 years, saving you long-term costs for only a few hours’ work. Plus, you get a 3-point credit on your driving record!
  • Our 3-Year Refresher Course helps you extend your cost savings and points credit for another 3 years, AND it bumps up your discount to 15%!
  • Our Aggressive Driver Course gives you an easy way to meet your court order to take a traffic school due to traffic violations.

For more information on each of these courses, including all of the steps you need to take to earn your insurance discount or meet court requirements, visit our helpful How It Works page.

Learn at Your Own Speed

Not everyone studies the same way, and what works for one student can be extremely difficult for another. The self-paced structure that we built into your Defensive Driving Traffic School course will help you accommodate your personal learning style. When you study at your own speed, you’re better able to absorb and remember the information you need to know. There’s no stress involved, and you don’t have to follow someone else’s timeline.

Enjoy Advanced Multimedia

The days of textbooks are over - now you can learn from dynamic and engaging material that is as fun as it is informative! Instead of lectures and chalkboards, your online traffic school gives you:

  • Entertaining videos and audio clips
  • Animations, 3D graphics, and visual aids
  • Interactive slideshows and learning tools
  • Multiple-choice review quizzes with unlimited retakes

You’ll learn faster through single-subject chapters which move you along quickly while allowing you to study one topic at a time. And your Delaware Defensive Driving course includes an exclusive Memory Recall feature that will automatically save your place each time you log out. You’ll never lose any work!

Affordable for Everyone

You shouldn't be excluded from convenience because of unfair prices. Our Delaware Traffic School courses are specifically priced so that everyone has access to quality, state-approved material, regardless of budget. Plus we offer a Money-Back Guarantee on every course to ensure that your standards are always met.

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and Counting

State-Approved Quality You Deserve

Your Delaware Defensive Driving online course has been approved by the Department of Insurance (DOI) to meet your court-ordered defensive driving requirement or to qualify you for a 10% discount on your insurance for 3 years. You will satisfy all state requisites right from the comfort of your own home.

Delaware DMV Approved Defensive Driving

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