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Taking a Nevada Defensive Driving course is the easiest way to keep your driving record clean and your insurance rates low. If you received a traffic ticket in Nevada, you may be eligible to complete a defensive driving course, either online or in a classroom, to have your ticket dismissed and the points from that violation erased from your driving record.


Like other states, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles uses a demerit point system to track traffic violations. The purpose of this program is to identify dangerous driving behavior and keep unsafe drivers off the road. When the DMV receives a traffic conviction notice, they will in turn assign demerit points to your driving record -and those points will stay there for 12 months from the date of your conviction.

Keeping those points off your public driving record is a valuable step in preventing costly insurance hikes. By taking a DMV-approved defensive driving course in Nevada, you can have 3 points removed from your record. This can be as easy as completing a course online, like the one offered by I Drive Safely. However, traffic tickets in Nevada are not removed from your record permanent record. So while you are allowed to take a traffic safety course to reduce points, the citation will remain on your permanent record.


In order to have demerit points removed from your driving record, you must complete a Nevada defensive driving class that has been approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. However, there's no reason to suffer through a boring course in a stuffy classroom just to meet your court requirements. The online course offered by I Drive Safely is fully approved by the DMV and allows you to meet your point or insurance requirements right from home.


If you have between 3 and 11 demerit points on your driving record, you may be eligible to take a defensive driving course. As long as you have not taken a course to reduce points within the last 12 months, and you have not been assigned by the court to take defensive driving as part of a plea bargain, you should qualify for a 3-point reduction. You can check out our How it Works page to read additional eligibility and requirements information.


Good drivers are also rewarded for taking a Nevada traffic school course. You can earn up to a 10% reduction in your auto insurance premium merely by spending a few hours freshening up your driving knowledge. Contact your insurance provider to find out if taking an online Nevada DMV defensive driving course, like the one offered by I Drive Safely, will bring down the cost of your coverage. They'll let you know if you qualify, and how long your reduction will last.


Instead of pages of boring text, your Nevada defensive driving course is expertly designed, and gives you fun, interactive chapters that make taking the course a breeze. You'll also enjoy:

  • Audio, video, animations and graphics
  • Unlimited log ins and log outs
  • Easy multiple-choice quizzes
  • 24/7 accessibility to your course

filing completion information

Convenience is key when you choose an online course to reduce your points and insurance rate. A DMV-approved course will go the extra mile for you, automatically filing your certificate of completion with the DMV so that once you're done, you won't have to lift a finger. If you're taking a course to earn an insurance discount, you'll receive your completion information in the mail. You'll need to present this certificate to your insurance company in order earn the savings you deserve.

There's no better option than online for your traffic safety school in Nevada. Steer clear of classrooms and drive straight to convenience with I Drive Safely!

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