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Online Makes It Fun And Easy

This Missouri driver improvement program is guaranteed to change the way you deal with getting a traffic ticket because it makes it so much easier to erase. You can access this ticket dismissal course from any computer that is connected to the internet, so you can do it all from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else that is convenient for you at the time. This type of web-based format gives you the flexibility that your busy life needs.

Approval Status

This Missouri Defensive Driving course does offer you a lot of convenience, but it is also approved by the Missouri Safety Center - CMSU. This approval means that this course fulfills all the things that are required for you to reduce points on your driving record; all you need is your certificate of completion.

Course Eligibility

To be eligible to take the Missouri Driver Improvement course, you must:

  • Hold a valid, non-commercial driver's license
  • Plead guilty to your citation
  • Pay all fines assessed prior to enrolling in the course
  • Have NOT taken a course within the prior 36 months

You may only take this course for point avoidance ONCE within a 36-month period. Once you have pleaded guilty to your citation and paid the appropriate fines, you will be automatically approved to take a driver improvement course in lieu of points on your driving record.

Authorizing Counties

The following counties have authorized the Fine Collection Center (FCC) to approve a driver improvement course for point avoidance:

  • Adair
  • Andrew
  • Atchison
  • Audrain
  • Barton
  • Bollinger
  • Boone
  • Buchanan
  • Butler
  • Callaway
  • Cape Girardeau
  • Cass, Clay
  • Clinton
  • Cole
  • Cooper
  • Crawford
  • Dade
  • Daviess
  • Franklin
  • Gasconade
  • Greene
  • Grundy
  • Harrison
  • Hickory
  • Holt
  • Howell
  • Lewis
  • Lincoln
  • Livingston
  • Macon
  • Madison
  • Marion
  • McDonald
  • Miller
  • Nodaway
  • Oregon
  • Osage
  • Pemiscot
  • Perry
  • Pike
  • Platte
  • Putnam
  • Reynolds
  • Ripley
  • Saline
  • Schuyler
  • Scott
  • Shannon
  • Shelby
  • St. Clair
  • Ste. Genevieve
  • Sullivan
  • Vernon
  • Wayne
  • Worth
  • Wright

What if My County Isn't Listed?

If your county doesn't automatically authorize FCC approval, you may still be able to dismiss your points with our online course. You must plead not guilty to the FCC, after which your citation will be forwarded to the court and you will receive a court date. Once at court, you may plead guilty and request permission to take a Missouri driver improvement course.

How the Course Work

Your online Driver Improvement Missouri course meets the state-required 8 hours for point avoidance. You can work through those 8 hours at your own pace and on your own schedule. Each chapter consists of engaging multimedia to help you learn faster and remember longer, including:

  • Fun videos and audio clips
  • Animation and visual aids
  • 3D graphics and state-specific learning tools

Each chapter ends with a short review quiz, which you can retake as many times as you need or wish. Your final exam questions are pulled directly from the course material, and you only need an 80% to pass the course!

Note: The state of Missouri requires that all driver improvement courses be completed within a 60-day period.

Immediate Processing

As soon as you finish your course, we'll process your completion and send your certificate for FREE through regular US Mail by 3PM Central Time, so you can get it to the Department of Revenue on time. Need to get there sooner? We've got expedited shipping options that are easy on the wallet, and get your Certificate of Completion to your door within 24 hours.

Out-of-State Tickets & Drivers

If you are an out-of-state driver who has been ticketed in Missouri, the state may contact your home state and inform them of the violation; in which case, the action taken against you will be dependent upon your state's laws. Please contact the Fine Collection Center (FCC) to see if you are eligible for the Missouri Traffic School online course - you could prevent those points from ever hitting your license!
If you are a Missouri resident who has received a ticket out of the state, your citation and the points involved will be assessed to your Missouri driving record. If you contact the county in which you received your citation, they may be able to offer you a traffic school option that would prevent your ticket from being reported to the state.

Missouri Driver Improvement Course Has:

  • Unlimited log ins and outs
  • An all-inclusive course price
  • A Money-back guarantee
  • Award-winning course material
  • Same-day processing and free shipping
  • Unlimited attempts for the final exam

No High Prices

We know what other Missouri driver improvement program prices are out there and that is why we make sure ours is as low as possible. This price includes everything you need from start to finish, so what you pay initially is all you will ever be charged; we have a no hidden fees guarantee.

Get Support

Our customer support team can answer any questions you may have throughout the Missouri driver improvement program and since they work 24/7, there is always someone there to help you.

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