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Alabama Court-Approved Defensive Driving

Fulfilling a court order for a defensive driving course can be difficult. Classroom courses involve buying textbooks, being forced to work around someone else's schedule, and a bunch of other hassles that only complicate your life. When you take the I Drive Safely Alabama defensive driving course, you make it all easy by doing everything online. When you have the power to decide your own course schedule, you make your life simpler.

Course Details

Your course is 8 hours and 8 chapters long, with a 10-question multiple-choice quiz at the end of each chapter. You need to score an 80% to pass, but you can retake the quizzes as many times as you need to do so. Your final exam is 20 multiple-choice questions and also requires an 80% passing score. But just like the quizzes, keep on trying until you succeed - you're guaranteed to pass your course!

Who Should Take This Course?

This course may be completed to fulfill a court order, receive safe driving points that reduce demerits on your driving record, or reduce your auto insurance rates. Students are eligible to take this course if they have permission from the court, or their auto insurance provider has approved an insurance discount with completion of an Alabama defensive driving course.

The Easy Way to Fulfill a Court Order

You have things to do every day of the week, so don't let a defensive driving course disrupt your plans. Never set foot in a classroom, and complete your defensive driving course on your personal schedule.

  • Set Any Pace You Like
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Learn the Best Driving Information

Are you familiar with modern Alabama traffic law? When you complete this course, you won't just know Alabama road laws well enough to understand what it takes to avoid a ticket, you will also gain a whole lot of information that can help you travel safely. You will get a refresher on defensive driving techniques that can help you every time you drive, basic vehicle operation, and what to do you if you are ever forced to drive in dangerous conditions.

You Always Have Help

Have questions? We have answers. You have 24-hour access to our Customer Support representatives, so you can always have help whenever you need. If you want to know anything about our course, give us a call right away and we will assist you with absolutely anything you need.

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