New Mexico Traffic Ticket Fines and Costs

All New Mexico traffic tickets come with a monetary fine (in addition to fees), but on top of the financial cost to you, there is also a cost to your driving record. You will be faced with points on your driving record, which could lead to license suspension, and possibly an increase in your auto insurance rate.

New Mexico traffic ticket fines vary by violation. For instance, New Mexico speeding fines are not the same as DWI fines. In addition, different courts may charge different fines for the same violation, so how much you pay depends on where you were cited. The fine amount will be listed on your citation.

Court Fees

On top of your fine, you must pay court fees. Like fines, these fees are not the same at every court. It depends what type of court you go to.

Magistrate Court:

  • $55 with a guilty plea
  • $75 if you plead not guilty and the court finds you guilty

Metropolitan Court:

  • $49 with a guilty plea
  • $69 if you plead not guilty and the court finds you guilty

Municipal Court:

  • $28 fee

New Mexico Traffic Ticket Penalties

The state of New Mexico uses a point system to keep track of how well motorists are driving, and having points added to your driving record is a common penalty for traffic tickets. The number of points you receive depends on the violation you are convicted of—the more severe the offense, the higher the number of points you get. These points affect both the status of your drivers license and your car insurance rate – getting too many points will lead to a New Mexico suspended license, and points could make your insurance premium go up.

License Suspension Periods

You could end up with more than just New Mexico speeding fines if you exceed the speed limit; committing this or any other violation when you already have points on your record could lead to one of the following:

  • 6 points within 1 year: Warning letter
  • 7-10 points within 1 year: 3-month suspension
  • 12 or more points: 1-year suspension

License Revocation

Your drivers license could either be suspended or revoked for any of the following reasons:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs (breaking New Mexico DWI laws)
  • Driving in excess of the speed limit by 26 MPH or more
  • Reckless driving
  • Leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in injury or death
  • Driving with an invalid license

Penalties for Drivers Younger Than 18

Even if you don’t have your drivers license yet (you hold an instruction permit or provisional license), you will face consequences for committing traffic violations. If you violate the restrictions that come with your permit or provisional license, you may have your driving privileges taken away.

Penalties for Commercial Drivers

The penalties for commercial drivers are often even harsher—after all, your career is on the line. If you are a commercial driver and you are convicted of a traffic violation, you are required to let your employer know within 30 days, even if you were ticketed while driving your own vehicle.

How to Pay a Traffic Ticket in New Mexico

Paying a traffic ticket means that you are admitting guilt for the violation you were cited for. The back of your ticket should list a deadline and instructions for paying your fine. You have three payment options. You can:

  • Pay in person
  • Pay by mail
  • Pay over the phone

Whether you want to plead guilty and pay the fine or plead not guilty and fight your ticket, it’s imperative that you take some kind of action before the deadline on your citation. New Mexico traffic tickets and fines are no fun to deal with, but ignoring them will cause you even more problems.