Hopefully, that speeding ticket is your first-offense and an online defensive driving course or traffic school can lower or forgive fines. If you are going to traffic court, be prepared. Take everything you need and be polite. What to expect in traffic court? Procedures for traffic court are routine. You will be tried before a judge. This is not a closed proceeding; other cases will be in the audience. The trials happen very quickly.

What would make the perfect super car? We examine some of the best auto tech and give you car maintenance tips and tech to make your car more super. Get better performance, safer features, and better fuel economy.

Learn about seat belt laws and seat belt statistics. How important are seat belts? According to the CDC, seat belts reduce injury and death by about half. seat belt statistics and safety The facts show the danger: +50% of people who die in crashes were not wearing a seat belt. “Seatbelt Syndrome”is paralysis as a result of only using lap belts

Get in a pesky fender bender and your wondering if the points are still on your record? Learn how to periodically check your driving record--and who is allowed to see your personal driving record.

How do you handle a tire blowout while driving? First, manage your tires like a boss. Good tire care helps prevent blowouts. Know how to check with an easy tread test. And, follow these tips to be prepared to handle a blowout if it does occur.

Doctor prescribed meds or working all night, you can get a DWI/DUI without ever having a drink. Read labels carefully. Check in with yourself. Driving while impaired (DWI) falls under the larger category, drunk driving. DUI's apply to: legal and illegal drugs; sleepiness; distractions; and medical conditions. As a driver, you are responsible for knowing to drive only with a clear state of mind.

Follow these tips for driving through water and flooded streets. When water rushes over a street, it can hide dips, debris, and roads that have been washed away entirely. Yeah, it’s not the road you know. 6-inches of water is ample to hit the bottom of most passenger cars, flooding the exhaust and leaving you immobile. If you cannot walk through water (especially moving water), do not attempt to drive across it. You aren’t in a survival movie. One foot of water can cause most cars to float. Your deep tread is not a replacement for gecko-like grip. Downed power lines and debris can easily harm you.

Down power lines and lightning strikes though uncommon can be dangerous. Drive safely by knowing how to handle a situation before it happens.

Most states have automated services, including DMV registration renewal. It will still depend on you to pay the fees for renewal on time. Depending on your state, smog checks, VIN inspections, or other auto maintenance may have to be performed to meet registration requirements. See your local DMV, Department of Revenue (DOR), or Motor Vehicle Division for requirements. (Find your state below.)

The Genius G90 is on our list of safest cars that don’t sacrifice power and style. It has all the gadgets. Radar sensors save you from rush hour fender benders and costly insurance headaches. Cornering cameras keep you in control. Watch for these top-quality safety features whenever looking to upgrade your car.

It only takes 1/12th an inch of rain and 35 mph to hydroplane? Driving in rain limits visibility, but wet roads can be dangerous even after the rain has stopped. Read these simple driving tips.

It’s pretty easy to assume that there’s a link between smartphone use, distracted driving, and increased accidents. This begs the question: Are you using your smartphone while driving?