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No one enjoys getting a traffic ticket... including our co-founders.

This is exactly what happened when, in 1998, each of them received a citation. Rather than pay exorbitant fines and suffer the lasting impact of license points, they looked into dismissing their tickets with a defensive driving course. More frustrating than the tickets themselves, however, was the incredible hassle they each went through in order to complete a classroom traffic school - the scheduling issues, the driving time and distance, the wasted money in gas costs, the 8 hours sitting through a lecture on a Saturday.

This is how I Drive Safely was born.

Our co-founders recognized a huge need for hard-working people to be able to dismiss their traffic tickets without rearranging their lives. Since, at that time, there was very little being offered in the way of online traffic school, they saw the potential for creating and leading a brand new market all of their own. Not only would they capitalize upon a ripe opportunity - they would also be able to help people just like them, providing the kind of ease and convenience to their customers that they themselves had wanted.

After a roaring 3 months of strategizing, development, and implementation, they began a statewide campaign in California which culminated in the company's course approval throughout the state. One state approval led to another, and then another, and before too long, I Drive Safely was being recognized throughout the industry as a force to be reckoned with.

The company began to expand its products into other areas where the convenience of online courses had yet to be fully tapped - teen driver's education, commercial fleet driver training, mature driver insurance discount courses, and more. With each expansion, our co-founders found a brand new way to help people save their well-earned time and money.

Since then, the company has grown and flourished to become the industry-leading provider of defensive driving and traffic school courses throughout the country. We have served over 5 million customers in 25 states and Canada, and that number continues to grow each year. And with each ticket dismissed, each insurance discount received, and each driver's permit earned, we become ever more committed to continuing our co-founders' goal - making life a little bit easier, one online course at a time.

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