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Important Information about DMV Records

Many people wonder what exactly their DMV records contain, and how to access this information. Here's everything you always wanted to know:

What Kind of DMV Records Are Available?
The DMV records that people most often want to see are the following:

  • Driver abstracts
  • Registration abstracts
  • Title abstracts
  • Accident reports

What Information Is on DMV Records?
The things you'll be able to find out from a driver abstract are:

  • Driver's name, birth date, and mailing address
  • Expiration date and current status of driver's license
  • Incidents like accidents and moving violation convictions
  • If applicable, any revocations or suspensions of the driver's license
  • The class, restrictions, and endorsements of the driver's license

There are some important things to note in addition to this. For instance, the DMV notes an accident on the records of every driver involved. However, the DMV does not determine accident fault. Also, although you supply your Social Security Number when applying for a New York State driver's license, this number does not appear on records/documents the DMV issues. Something you may not know about the DMV is that it also (typically) deletes the record of a driver after the driver's license has expired and has not been renewed for five years. This is why it is imperative that you renew your license when necessary.

As for registration and title abstracts, the information included is almost exactly the same for both.

  • Registration Abstract
    • Registrant's name and mailing address
    • Registration's expiration date
    • Vehicle info
  • Title Abstract
    • Vehicle owner's name and mailing address
    • Vehicle info
    • Current lien info

How Do I Obtain DMV Records?
There are multiple ways to acquire DMV records:

  • From I Drive Safely! We will provide you with a copy of your official DMV driving record right here, right now.
  • From the DMV website - You can instantly download and print your own driving record abstract, and receive a copy in the mail. Simply use the "MYDMV Get My Driving Record" application.
  • By telephone - You must prove your identity by providing your driver's license information, and you must use a credit card to pay the total fee of $15. Your records should arrive within two weeks.
  • By mail - The MV-15 form allows you to order a driving record abstract by mail. You need to have a DPPA permissible use for the information, and must include a photocopy of your proof of identity in addition to a form of payment for the $10 fee.
    • Note: You can also order your driving record abstract when you renew your driver's license
  • At a local DMV office - At the office, you need to show proof of identity, complete an MV-15C form, and pay the $10 charge.
    • You can also use the MV-15C to request a driver abstract at the DMV Central Office, in Albany. You'll need to go to the Customer Service Counter
What Automated Access is Available for Frequent Users?

You may open a Dial-In Search Account or take part in the License Event Notification Service if you must access DMV records often. The Search Account enables you to use your computer and Internet connection to see DMV records. The License Event Notification Service, meanwhile, is geared toward giving you information about the driving records of your employees/volunteers. The service will automatically notify you of any occurring driver's license happenings, which makes it especially useful.

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