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How to Avoid a Nevada Suspended License

Most people in Nevada go their entire lives without much trouble with the law. But even law-abiding citizens can get the occasional Nevada traffic ticket. These are easy enough to deal with on their own, but if forgotten about, or ignored, they could spell trouble down the road.

Reasons for Suspension

There are several ways a driver's license could get suspended. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Violation of Nevada DUI laws
  • Refusing or forgetting to pay Nevada traffic fines on time
  • Not showing up for an assigned court date (failure to appear)
  • Not having proper insurance coverage
  • Failure to pay outstanding child support
  • Graffiti violations
  • Fraudulent license application
  • If you're convicted of a firearm offense, truancy, or a drug/alcohol conviction ( for juveniles only)

This is by no means a complete list. If you accrue too many points on your license (as outlined by the Nevada point system), you will face a suspension as well.

Suspended, Revoked, or Canceled?

The difference between a suspended license, a revoked license, and a canceled license can sometimes be confusing. The simplest way to explain it is like this: A suspended license is only taken away for a certain amount of time, and once that period is over, you're allowed to drive legally again. A revoked license, however, means that once the period is up, you'll have to reapply for a license, and most likely retake the written, vision, and driving tests-as well as pay a reinstatement fee. [Should you include an explanation of a canceled license?]

The Consequences

You'll know your license has been suspended, because the DMV will reach out to you, usually by certified mail. If you disagree with the decision to suspend your license, you'll be able to request a hearing by contacting the Office of Administrative Hearings. That will begin the hearing process, and the next step would be to fill out the hearing request form.

License Reinstatement

Once the duration of your suspension is up, you can apply to get your Nevada suspended license reinstated. The DMV will not send you any sort of notification, so it's up to you to know when you're eligible for reinstatement. The day you arrive at the end of your suspension is the day you can begin the reinstatement process.

Because there are many different ways to get your license suspended in the first place, there are several different paths to reinstatement-naturally, the steps you must take will depend on the reason for suspension in the first place.

Drivers have to retake the vision and written test before their license can be reinstated. Drivers will also have to retake their driving tests, if their suspension has lasted more than a year.

Restricted Licenses

In some instances, a driver with a Nevada suspended license could be granted a provisional, restricted license. This would permit the driver to go certain places at certain times-to and from work, for example, or doctor appointments. In most cases, a driver is not eligible for a restricted license until he or she has served at least half their suspension without incident.

If you are permitted a restricted license, you still must take the driving, written, and vision tests all over again, as well as pay a reinstatement fee. You'd also need to provide proof of financial responsibility. This can be done by filling out the SR-22 form.

Of course, there are several other factors that weigh upon a judge's decision to grant you a restricted license. Your local DMV office will have more information.

The best way to avoid any license suspension issues is by sticking to safe driving techniques, and learning a lesson if you do happen to get one.

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