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Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course

When you take your online Michigan BDIC course, you will prevent the DMV from assessing points to your license and from reporting your violation to your insurance company. Please note that:

  • You must have received a notice of eligibility from the Michigan Secretary of State in order to take this course
  • You may only take a BDIC course ONCE to remove points from your license

Fast, Easy, & Efficient

Don't waste your day sitting in a classroom to earn your Michigan point dismissal. Take your 4-Hour Michigan Driver Safety course online, and work on whatever schedule and pace you want! An online course speeds you right along, helping you finish your requirements quickly without rearranging your entire life to do it. You work from any computer, at any time you find convenient, with 24/7 access to your course and the ability to take breaks when you need them. Complete your course on YOUR terms, not an instructor's!

BDIC Course Details

Your Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course is approved by the Michigan Secretary of State to prevent points from hitting your driving record. The course meets all state requirements, so you can start and finish the same day you sign up - or you can spread it out over as much time as you need.

There are 8 chapters in your course which are designed around a single subject, so they're easy to complete. You'll take a review quiz at the end of each lesson, and a multiple-choice final exam - both of which allow unlimited retakes for guaranteed success with your course!

Videos, Animations, and More

Our online Michigan Driver Improvement teaches you must more quickly and efficiently than a boring textbook. You'll learn through interactive videos and animations, plus state-specific graphics and professionally-designed learning tools all catered specifically to you as a Michigan driver.

24/7 Support When You Need It

We want to make sure you get everything you need from your course, so our Customer Support staff works 'round the clock to answer your questions and guide you through. If you need help with sign up, have a question about Michigan traffic laws, or anything else, our highly-trained professionals can get you the answer you need!

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Michigan Basic Driver Improvement

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