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» Michigan

The Michigan BDIC Program Made Easy

Don't let a traffic ticket cost you! If you get a ticket in Michigan, it can lead to higher insurance rates if your insurance company finds out about it. Fortunately, the state of MI allows its residents to complete a basic Michigan driver improvement program in lieu of an expensive situation...and WE'VE provided an easy way to do that just by taking an online Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course! Taking it online, you can work at your convenience and at your own pace from home. And you don't have to worry about a thing, because you're 100% guaranteed to pass!

Avoid Points and Dismiss Your Ticket

Most people use the Michigan BDIC program to avoid points on their driving record due to a traffic violation. Even if you've received a traffic ticket with zero points, the citation will still be reported to your insurance company, which will cause a spike in the price of your coverage. Passing a Basic Driver Improvement Course will prevent points from hitting your license, and prevent the state from showing the violation to your insurance provider - making it beneficial to anyone who has received a citation. For more information on the Michigan defensive driving process, visit our helpful How It Works page.

Course Eligibility

You are eligible for the Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course if:

  • You have received a minor traffic ticket (i.e. not a criminal offense)
  • You hold a valid, non-commercial driver's license
  • You have 2 points or fewer on your driving record
  • The violation you received is 3 points or fewer, and NOT for careless or negligent driving
  • You have NOT undergone the BDIC program before
  • You do NOT have a restricted or suspended license
Ultimate Convenience

This Michigan Defensive Driving Course gives you the power to determine exactly when and where you study. It's totally online, so that means that you don't have to deal with classrooms, textbooks, or any other hassles. There's no better way to take care of your traffic ticket than online with I Drive Safely.

  • Completely self-paced course
  • Complete it at your own pace
  • Log in and out at your convenience
  • Study from the comfort of your own home
  • 24/7 live customer support
Advanced Online Education

We make the experience of taking a Michigan driver improvement course easy. The information is broken up into a lot of small chunks that make it easy to understand. We have even included a lot of cool videos that teach you important driving tips with 3D animations.

You Are Guaranteed to Pass

While many other BDIC programs will make you retake the entire course if you don't pass your final exam, our easy online Basic Michigan Driver Improvement Course gives you unlimited quiz and exam retakes... meaning you are 100% guaranteed to pass your course! As long as you finish the entire thing within your state-required 60-day window, you won't ever see those license points again.

  • 80% to pass
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Unlimited attempts!
Out-of-State Tickets

If you've received a citation while driving in another state, you may still be able to take the BDIC program. While out-of-state tickets are not eligible themselves, you may contact the Department of State about having the ticket transferred over. If you are deemed eligible, you will receive notification in the mail allowing you to take the BDIC program.

If you've received a Michigan citation, but will be out of state during your 60-day eligibility period, our online course is perfect for you! Since you can take our course from any computer, anywhere you are, we will simply report your course completion to the state. There's no need for you to be in it to erase those points!

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Michigan SOS-Approved

Our Basic Driver Improvement course in Michigan is Secretary of State (SOS)-approved and meets all state requirements. It doesn't matter which court you report to or which county in MI you received your ticket - our fun and easy Michigan driver improvement program can help clean up your driving record and keep your insurance premiums from shooting up, all while teaching you valuable defensive driving skills along the way.

Michigan SOS Approved Basic Driver Improvement Course

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