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12 Hour Traffic School Florida

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Why Do I Need This Course?

Drivers who need to take a 12 hour traffic school in Florida:

  • Have had their license revoked or suspended, and have been ordered to take this course for reinstatement
  • Have been ordered by the court to take an Advanced Driver Improvement Course
  • Need to apply for their hardship license
  • Are habitual traffic offenders

Online Makes It Easy

Losing your driver's license is difficult enough. You shouldn't have to struggle with your ADI course to get it back. That's why I Drive Safely offers your 12 hour traffic school completely online! You get a state approved course right from your own computer, and best of all, it's totally adjustable to your personal schedule. Work when you find the time, wherever you may be.

What is a Hardship License?

A hardship license is a special kind of license that can be issued to Florida residents who have had their license suspended.It allows residents to drive for business purposes such as work and school while they are working towards reinstating their full driving privileges. You can receive a hardship license Florida by first signing up for an ADI course with hardship license.

On Your Time, At Your Pace

License suspension from Florida traffic tickets or other violations is tough. The biggest benefit of taking your 12 hour Traffic School online is the ability to work around your own schedule. Whether you work days, nights, or go to school, our course accommodates all lifestyles. It is accessible 24 hours a day from any computer, allowing you to log in and out whenever you choose from wherever you are.

We save your place where you last left off, so there's no fear of ever losing your work. And even though it's a 12 hour course, it's broken up into short, simple chapters for you to complete at a comfortable pace. Spread the work out over days or weeks, or complete the advanced driver improvement course one weekend to get your license back even faster!

Get Your Hardship License

When you enroll in our online course, you're able to bring your enrollment form to the DHSMV and get your Hardship License right away. This license will allow you to drive to and from work, school, or other specified places. Once you're enrolled and have your Hardship License Florida, all you need to do is complete the 12 hour traffic school online to reinstate your permanent driver's license. This way, you're still able to perform the necessary tasks of daily life while completing your course.

Professionally Designed For You

The 12 hour ADI traffic school in Florida is state approved, and created by experts in traffic education and online learning to assure you meet all requirements. We provide fun lessons and easy multiple choice quizzes to keep you on the right track. Enjoy videos, audio, and interactive animations while you complete your course.

Don't Wait Any Longer

You want your driver's license back as soon as possible, so don't put your 12 hour traffic school off any longer. I Drive Safely makes it easier than ever.

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Florida DHSMV Approved
FL 12 Hour ADI Course
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ADI Course + Hardship License

Start Driving Before You Complete the Course

  • Includes hardship license enrollment certificate
  • Qualifies you for "business" and "employment" hardship licenses
  • Instant email delivery of enrollment certificate
Florida DHSMV Approved
How To Get a Hardship License
1) Get your certificate of enrollment by signing up for the ADI Course + hardship license.
2) Collect your 30 day driving record from the county clerk.
3) Go to the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review Office and submit both your enrollment certificate and your 30 day driving record.
4) The hearing officer will grant you your hardship license if are eligible.
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