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Fun Driving Facts:

Interested in taking a drive out to the Grand Canyon in Arizona? If it's hot and you run out of water, just ask the person next to you — it's illegal in the Copper State to refuse a request for a glass of water. Just be sure you're not wearing suspenders if you happen to stop in the city of Nogales, since they're illegal in this town. Looking to take a classic cruise? Try hitting up the historical Route 66 —Arizona has the longest section of this well-known route still in active use. It's also a great way to observe some of the state's wildlife, like roadrunners, ring-tailed foxes, and rattlesnakes.

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My experience throughout this course was a good one. I like the fact that it has real-life stories showing what could happen to any of us. It gave me great advice on how to become a safe driver.

P. Langley

I really learned a lot by taking this class online. If I have to do it again, I will definitely sign up with I Drive Safely.

T. Bain

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